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Key Points

  • AFTERBURNER's Flawless Execution ModelTM, is a powerful new approach that places corporate teams in the fast paced and dynamic world of elite fighter pilots - the process is used by Fighter Pilots around the world to execute missions when the stakes are high and failure is not an option
  • You will experience and quickly acquire the unique tools and techniques used by these genuine Top Guns for flawless mission planning and execution.
  • The pressures of a combat fighter jet squadron in a rapidly changing environment, and a corporate environment, share a far greater similarity than most would think - The major difference is how much better the elite fighter pilot team is trained to deal effectively with the challenges that this environment presents
  • If you and your team can't execute a viable strategy, you'll lose control, lose market share, and lose your chance to stage a comeback if you ever need one.
  • Corporate survival, like surviving in combat, depends on a solid business strategy and flawless execution.

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