John Elliott

John Elliott

A businessman at heart, John Elliott is straight forward, honest, and brings with him a vast depth of knowledge.


Key Points

  • John Elliott is a renowned businessman and is the former Managing Director of Elders.
  • Throughout his illustrious career, John has held prominent positions for global companies BHP Billiton and McKinsey & Co.
  • From 1987 to 1990 John was the President of the Liberal Party.
  • For nearly two decades, John was also the high profile president of the Carlton Football Club, which won two VFL (now AFL) premierships during his reign. 


John Elliott was born in Melbourne in 1941. He was educated at Carey Grammar School and Melbourne University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) and a Master of Business Administration. Mr. Elliott joined BHP for two years. He then joined McKinsey and Company Inc., and worked on projects in Australia and the United States for six years.

In 1972 John Elliott formed a consortium and raised $30 million for the acquisition of Henry Jones (IXL) Ltd.

In November 1981 Elder Smith Goldsbrough Mort Limited merged with Henry Jones to form Elders IXL Limited, and John Elliott was appointed Managing Director. In December 1983 the company acquired Carlton and United Breweries Limited for just under $1 billion. The acquisition of Courage Breweries in the U.K. in September 1985, followed by Carling O'Keefe Breweries in Canada in 1987, and U.K. based Grand Metropolitan brewing interests in 1990, made the Group the fourth largest brewer in the world.

Mr. Elliott presided over the reconstruction of Elders IXL in 1990 as a single purpose brewing company and then stepped down as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer to pursue his own private business interests.

Until 2004 John Elliott had business activities in Eastern Europe - particularly Romania - and was exporting Australian agricultural products around the world. In addition he owned and managed three large rural properties in South Eastern Australia covering some 100,000 acres. The principal activities included; rice growing, winter cropping and sheep and cattle breeding.

More recently John Elliott is involved in Commodity Trading –iron ore, coal and agricultural products and provides corporate advisory services. He runs his own sports show ”Big Jacks Sports Wrap” on Community TV in Melbourne (Channel 31) and has a very successful website, The John Elliott Report ( )commenting on politics and business affairs, a weekly Father and Son segment with John’s son Tom, along with regular wine assessments, restaurant and hotel reviews and even manners.

He has been a regular guest on Q&A, the popular ABC guest panelist program and more recently on the Dick Smith population debate where John Elliott’s vision to harness Northern Australia’s excess rainfall via pipeline to the Murray-Darling headwaters in Queensland, received wide support.”

John Elliott played 250 games of Australian Rules football for his old school until his mid 30's, and was President of Carlton Football Club for twenty years. He has a well-documented interest in politics, having been a member of the Liberal Party for over thirty years. He became Federal President of the Party late in 1987, having previously occupied the position of Federal Treasurer and State Treasurer and Vice President in Victoria. He is past Chairman of the 500 Club, which he formed in the 1980’s, and has been the biggest donor to the Liberal Party in Victoria.

John Elliott was inaugural Chairman of the Committee for Melbourne, and is a past director of the Foundation of the University of Melbourne Business School. He has been a director of a number of public companies including BHP, National Mutual Life Association, Bridge Oil Limited, and North Limited.

An entertaining speaker who tells it like he sees it, John speaks on life, business, success and fighting back.

Presentation Topics
  • Business
  • Leadership
  • Fighting back
  • Politics
  • Australian Rules Football

“John spoke and was interesting and entertaining. The audience appreciated some insights and information from such a public figure.”
Neil Campbell Events Pty Ltd

“Entertaining, engaging and forthright – stimulated the audience."
Institute of Chartered Accountants

‘John Elliot was great..exactly what we had hoped for, and the guest of honor had the best night of his life.’

"John was an absolute pleasure to have at our event. His entertainment lasted all day long not only with his presentation but through interacting with our guests. Would highly recommend him for any of our events in the future and to others looking for an entertainer."
MM Electrical Merchandising

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