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Key Points for Nora Fraser

  • Nora Fraser was Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist 2023.
  • She was also an AHRI Awards & Scholarships 2023 Finalist.
  • Nora was the Global Recognition Award Winner 2023.
  • Nora is the author of Supporting employees from diverse backgrounds employees from diverse backgrounds Pro Bono Australia publication, May 5, 2023. This article discusses the importance of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace and provides insights on the importance of fostering a work environment that celebrates diversity, especially in today's globalised world.

Topics for Nora Fraser

  • The importance of cultural intelligence in leadership and management
    • Background
    • How cultural intelligence empowers leaders to navigate and understand cultural differences.
    • What are some common mistakes leaders make when working with diverse teams and how can they be avoided?
    • How can organisations foster a culture of cultural intelligence and promote it throughout the company?
    • How do you address unconscious bias and the importance of cultural intelligence in the hiring and promotion process?
  • Building inclusive cultures
    • Strategies for attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.
    • Ways to create an environment where all employees feel valued and respected.
    • Best practices for promoting and maintaining an inclusive culture.
  • Understanding and addressing workplace discrimination
    • Why management needs to understand the most common form of discrimination in the workplace.
    • How can organisations actively address and combat discrimination in the workplace?
    • Successful strategies or initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion.
    • Measuring the success and impact of diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Why inclusion is so important for leading high performing teams
    • Understanding the Link Between Diversity and Team Performance.
    • Explore the relationship between diversity and high performance in teams.
    • Learn how diversity, in various forms, can either solve or prevent common challenges and problems within teams and organisations.
    • Discuss strategies for understanding employees' broader experiences and promoting inclusion beyond traditional diversity dimensions such as gender, culture, and accessibility.
    • Reflect on the presence of bias in individuals and organisations.
    • Explore ways to recognise and mitigate bias to foster a more inclusive work environment.
    • Discuss how promoting gender equality can contribute to a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

Testimonials for Nora Fraser

Thank you for your time and contributions towards helping The Hatchery put our purpose of ‘connecting people with knowledge to inspire change’ into action.
The Hatchery

Thank you for an incredible event at Brisbane Business Hub! Your commitment to fostering engagement and diversity shines through. Looking forward to future collaborations!
Brisbane Business Hub

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with our community members! I know everyone really appreciated your actionable tips. I can’t wait to take them back to my team!
PowertoFly – New York