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Ky Furneaux

Key Points

  • When a car accident left Ky Furneaux with limited mobility at age 19, she took what could have been a debilitating setback and turned it into a true Hollywood story.
  • Ky, now a trained stunt woman, was awarded the Taurus Stunt Award (the Oscars of the stunt industry) in 2012 for Best Female Stunt Performer in the world.
  • She was chosen as one of the Who’s Who of Australian Women for three years in a row for her persona as a strong, positive female role model.
  • She is the author of A Girl’s Own Survival Guide (titled The Superwoman’s Survival Guide in the U.S).
  • She has been stunt-double for major stars such as Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway and Sharon Stone and had jobs on movies including X-Men 3, Hancock, Elektra, Agents of Shield and The Avengers.
  • Ky was the producer and co-host of Hike for Survival, an epic 100-mile trek spanning the Sierra Nevadas. Other projects featuring Ky include The World Out There and MTV’s Made. She has also been featured on the Discovery Channel’s hit show Naked and Afraid, which has been called “the Everest of survival shows”.

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