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Tony Wilson

Key Points

  • Tony Wilson is a broadcaster, TV presenter, successful author and former lawyer who happens to be hilarious.
  • He has almost 20 years experience as a public speaker.
  • He is an MC who can script intros, ad lib, invent games & jokes, conduct Q & A, moderate panels, and be appropriate /professional when that is required.
  • He was the winner of the ABCTV documentary show Race Around the World many years ago. He was also on The Einstein Factor and Santo Sam & Ed’s Cup Fever.
  • He has a 3AW Drive segment with Tom Elliott, Fandemonium with Francis Leach on SEN (2017), Breakfasters with Sam Pang and Fee B -Squared.
  • He is an author of children's books The Cow Tripped Over The Moon, The Selwood Boys series, Emo the Emu, Harry Highpants, and The Princess and the Packet of Frozen Peas.
  • He is the co-host of World Cup Road Trip podcast with Francis Leach, at FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.
  • He produced and co-directed feature sports documentary film, ‘The Galahs’, about a VFL tour of Ireland in 1967.



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