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Tony Wilson

Key Points

  • Tony Wilson is a broadcaster, TV presenter, successful author and former lawyer who happens to be hilarious.
  • Has almost 20 years experience as a public speaker
  • As an MC, he will use his skill as a writer to craft a script that is funny and original for each client, including City of Yarra, CPA Australia, State Library of Victoria.
  • As an after dinner speaker, Tony interweaves memorable stories from his failed career as a footballer and lawyer into the successful travels and media adventures that have followed. He uses photographs and videos to help tell the story of how a lifelong dream to play AFL football expired at 25, and was replaced by a new dream.
  • He was a keen observer and comic talent on the ABCTV documentary show Race Around the World.
  • More recently, he's been a panellist on The Einstein Factor and a World Cup correspondent for Santo, Sam and Ed's Cup Fever and presenter on the ABC's Law Matters.
  • Author of children's books The Cow Tripped Over The Moon, The Selwood Boys series, Emo the Emu, Harry Highpants, and The Princess and the Packet of Frozen Peas

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