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Tom O'Toole

Key Points

  • Tom O'Toole is the renowned 'Beechworth Baker'
  • One of Australia's leading experts on BRANDING, Tom has built his bakery into one of Australia's greatest retail success stories.
  • Tom's business model is being emulated around the world.
  • The Beechworth Bakery has expanded to 6 stores in Regional Australia.
  • A man who happens to know how to turn a failing little bakery in an isolated and dying country town with a population of 3,000 into a company with an annual turnover in excess of $12 million, serving over one million customers per year.
  • Tom's Beechworth Bakery is credited with having the highest sales for a single bakery retailer in Australia, and winner of National & State Marketing & Business Awards.
  • Empower your staff, managers, co-workers, clients and associates to drive their own success. Enable them to learn and apply the tools and techniques that put them in the driver's seat ... and guess what happens? Their success contributes to your success - massively.
  • Inspire your team to strive for excellence with Tom O'Toole; by far Australia's most entertaining, motivating and unorthodox speaker (and business owner!)

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