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Richard Bowles

Key Points

  • First and only to run the 5,330km bicentennial national trail, Australia. A mountain marathon a day for five months, with wild dogs, crocs and farmers with guns.
  • First to run 3,054km Te Araroa Trail, New Zealand. 50 km a day for 64 days in the mountains amid white water crossings, avalanche zones, volcanos and blown from mountain tops.
  • Record run along the 1,009 km Israel national trail. 85km a day for 14 days with hyenas, arid deserts, warzones, rockets overhead and life threatening foot infection.
  • Record run along South Australia’s 1,200 km Heysen trail, 85km a day for 14 days encountering snakes, canyons and the desert.
  • First person to run around the base of an exploding volcano, North Sumatra, showered in rock and volcanic ash and chased by orangutans through the jungle.
  • Many international media appearances, commissioned documentaries and a book to be released this July. 

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