Ask about Ric Willmot
Key Points
  • Ric Willmot is "The Strategist" - His work is sought after internationally in improving business performance, success and profits; especially in the professional services arena.
  • Ric speaks on strategy, leadership, change, innovation, and business improvement. He provides provocative and contrarian approaches to building business, setting fees, and strategy. His intent is not just to improve your business, but to build firms which create wisdom and wealth.
  • With a professional background in accounting, financial planning and consulting; Ric Willmot is seen as the thought leader for strategic business improvement.
  • Ric will create change and potentially alter your management style and thinking.
  • The Art of Conflict Management
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Best Practice
  • Strategic Thinking Skills
  • Thinking Differently
  • Building Brain Fitness
  • Business Writing for Success and Profit

Our session with Ric was simply an unqualified success. Within an hour a clear strategy had emerged and been articulated. Over the course of the day our future direction was embedded and a series of steps developed to achieve our new goals. The two weeks since has been one of tremendous focus and drive with immediate results. We look forward to continued consultation with Ric as the benefits are clear for all to see."
ITC Publications

 "Ric has a unique ability in working with people to help them identify and understand their own character and others to enable them to form better working relationships. Ric has the Midas touch in bringing out the potential in all."
Beaudesert Shire Council

 "Thank you Ric, strategic planning took on a whole new meaning. This whole exercise showed how we can achieve fantastic results."
Gravity Central

 "From the outset Ric developed rapport with everyone in the room, his unique ability of working with the audience, and to have each and everyone focused on the topic at hand is rarely seen or experienced. Ric's knowledge and his innovative approach had everyone's attention for the entire day. I gained a clear insight into taking my business to a new level, by developing new strategies and focusing on the output."
Corporate Concierge
"Dear Ric, I am writing to convey my profound gratitude to you for providing me with the most inspirational and educational days of my life. Although you shared a huge amount of information with us in a relatively short time, you were first class and made absorbing this powerful information extremely easy and so much FUN. It was of enormous value that I will be receiving for the rest of my life as I put what I have learned into practice. Thank you seems so inadequate. To anyone who's considering whether to avail themselves of any of your services I say ... Do it! You'll never regret it."
 Emerging Swan Coaching
"From the opening sentence, Ric had the full attention of the audience, which did not waiver for the entire two hour session. An impressive skill in a room full of business owners. It was sometime during the second hour that I realised this seminar was different to all others I had attended. Different in content, different in method, and very different in result. A positive paradigm shift, initiated by a man who understood the mindset he was surrounded by and could reach out using only the power of words. Ric Willmot is a true savant."
Outback Queensland Internet

 "In a growing market like Dubai where trends and competition are on a high level, Ric's 'Leadership Innovation Formula' brought creative ideas to engage and enthuse the audience of over 60 senior public and private sector leaders. Ric's cutting edge thinking added to the successful delivery. ERAM, Tanmia and Motorola were pleased to have Ric conduct this program and look forward to having him back in Dubai soon!"
ERAM International Dubai

"Thanks for your great session on 'how to Build Better Fees in Professional Services." I found the program to have enormous value to me. My attention has never been more focused on adding value and on how to do that in the future. The firm will be sending more staff to this course in the future."
UHY Haines Norton Chartered Accountants
"Ric has a very heart warming and engaging style that captured the audience attention from his opening words right through to his closing statement. With a perfect balance of humour, story telling and anecdotel wisdom he delievred a speech that went straight to the core of management, innovation and customer service. He has an impeccable understanding of how to relate to his audience, what to give them and how to present it. I firmly believe that every member of the audience came away with ideas to reflect upon to improve their business and management skills whilst being entertained at an extremely high level."
Rockhampton Regional Development Limited
"Ric has delivered a series of seminars for our State Development and Innovation Centre's client base in a powerful and meaningful way, capturing the attention of business owners. He knows his subject so well that in the last session he was able to ask "What business issue or topic do you want me to comment on?" and then proceed to give the audience wise and practical solutions from his own business experience - I'd forgotten how good it was to see a spontaneous speaker without Powerpoint!"
State Development & Innovation Beenleigh

"Ric has been an inspiration to myself and those members of my team at Kafrouni Lawyers that have worked closely with him. His qualities of being "no nonsense" and a "straight shooter" are qualities I desire in business dealings. As a member of my Firm's management committee, he always frequently expressed views on issues concerning all aspects of growing a unique legal practice. Most of the time, he was able to present views that were very innovative in approach - "outside the square". Ric is very passionate about helping people. He is also very respectful of others and their opinions. I look forward to working with Ric on 2 major projects for my Firm. With his great input and influence, I am sure they will be a great success."
Kafrouni Lawyers