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Key Points
  • Combines his real world, ‘in the trenches’ marketing experience, with the latest industry insights, Paul McCarthy  is renowned as a leader in the art of customer centric marketing.
  • His customer centric marketing strategies have been applied successfully by NAB, First National Real Estate, Metricon, Heinz, Nestle, Salvation Army, Queensland Rail, Bidvest, The Professionals, State Revenue Office and Department of Justice and many more.
  • He is the best-selling author of the book 8 Steps to a Remarkable Business.
  • Is the creator of the 12 Week Marketing Makeover Program andFounder of the Marketers Club.
  • He has shared the stage with Sir Peter Cosgrove, Samuel Johnson and Ita Buttrose.
  • The Blueprint for Small Business Success

    Imagine you could get access to a comprehensive Blueprint that provided you with a proven pathway to business success. Well now you can.

    In this dynamic ‘how to’ presentation, participants will discover how to re-energise their business. Success relies on building positive momentum and this session is guaranteed to get everyone firing. What people want more than anything else is a roadmap for success. A step-by-step formula that will point the way faster to more sustainable results.

    Australia’s RockStar Marketer, Paul McCarthy, has studied and worked with thousands of successful entrepreneurs to understand what are the common traits they all share. This presentation reveals the results of hundreds of hours of research and provides participants with a 10 step blueprint of the traits shared by the most highly successful entrepreneurs.

    If you are looking for a sure-fire system for success, then this is it. By learning and applying these 10 critical, habits, beliefs and strategies you will step onto the fast track to success.

    Participants will discover:

    • The core for building success
    • The mindset for prosperity
    • How to generate momentum
    • How to overcome existing roadblocks
    • The 10 step blueprint for success
  • Plus much, much, more!

    The world of business is too difficult to go it alone. Now there is a map, a pathway to success that has been proven to deliver superior results. One of the traits shared by all seriously successful entrepreneurs is the acquisition of knowledge. This is your chance to gain real insight into the mindset and practises of people who are consistently achieving extraordinary results. Are you ready to step onto the road to success?

  • Ready, Fire, Aim

    The world is filled with people aiming to do something, but results don’t come from aiming ?they come from being willing to FIRE! Ready, Fire, Aim reveals the fastest way to achieve the results you want is to become an action taker. History is filled with examples of entrepreneurs who understood that action is more valuable than perfection.

    Ready, Fire, Aim brings a fresh edge to the subject of Creating Results. If you want to create breakthrough levels of success, then you must be willing to fail faster. With the pace of life today, there is no time to wait for everything to be perfect before you act. Through this unique presentation your people will learn how to overcome the fear that holds them back and prevents them from taking meaningful action. Ready, Fire, Aim is a way of thinking; a philosophy that leads to unstoppable momentum and faster results.

    Participants will discover:

    • How to overcome fear
    • How to stop procrastinating
    • How to set achievable goals
    • How to apply the mindset of the world’s most successful people
    • How to gain a real momentum towards what you want
    • How to develop the willingness to take action How to create an action plan
  • Rock Solid Marketing

    In a world filled with noise the key to success rests in the ability of the business to STAND OUT. It is essential for a business to be able to cut through the noise and grab the attention of their prospective clients. Every day businesses are forced to close their doors because they failed to recognise the fact that simply being talented at what you do is not enough. Rather, you must be talented at marketing what you do if you are to survive the cut and thrust of the modern business world.

    For nearly a decade, award winning speaker Paul McCarthy has spoken to over 150,000 entrepreneurs and provided them with innovative strategies to dramatically improve their marketing and transform the fortunes of their businesses.

    Rock Solid Marketing offers audiences a fresh perspective on the critical subject of marketing any small business. This powerful presentation is based on principles from Paul’s acclaimed book ‘8 Steps to a Remarkable Business’ and from the results he has produced with the 1000’s of clients he has personally coached to greater success.

    This presentation is ideal for anyone who operates a business and is recommended for Organisations, Franchisors and Business Associations wanting to help their members learn how to achieve breakthrough results with their marketing.

    Participants will discover:
    • How to create their own unique Hook
    • How to apply the universal law that underpins all good marketing
    • How to innovate their marketing approach
    • How to gain a real competitive edge in the market place
    • How to create top of mind awareness
    • How to out-smart, out-manoeuvre and out-perform the competition

  • Selling to a different beat
    Discover how to create a new rhythm to your sales approach and maximise your results with no pressure selling.

  • A corporation for one
    How to overcome the challenge of isolation, how to be small and think big and still maintain your focus.

  • Instant client
    How to automate your client attraction process; learn how to attract, convert and retain more clients.

I just wanted to thank you for the valuable presentation you gave. I found your style, presentation and content excellent. Rest assured, your presentation notes will not be amongst those gathering dust on my shelf!
Environment Manager
Going Solar

Paul, thanks very much… the evening certainly met our expectations with the general response from attendees being "an excellent evening". Practical ideas that can be implemented immediately were what people wanted and what they certainly got. Thanks again…and I look forward to the possibility of working with you again.
Corporate Relations Manager
Australian Institute of Management ?Victoria & Tasmania

Our inaugural national Salvos Stores Managers conference got off to a flyer when Paul McCarthy presented the Key Note address to230 delegates. This, followed by a morning workshop, set the tone for what turned out to be an excellent conference. Paul's ability to entertain as well as educate in the same package was extremely well received and our managers spoke of his wonderful engaging delivery technique. Our managers left the conference committed to put into action Paul's recommendation to "stop trying, just do it"
Chief Executive Officer
Salvos Stores

Paul I attended your seminar in Coffs Harbour and wanted to say thanks for a great morning. I was looking for a "positive kick up the bum" and I'm glad to say I got one. Thanks for the simple tips.
Branch Manager
Credit Union Australia