Ask about Meiron Lees
Key Points
  • Meiron is one of Australia’s leading presenter and author on the subject of resilience with his book D-Stress, Building Resilience in Challenging Times winning the USA’s no 1 self-development book in 2010.
  • Living in the midst of violent crime in South Africa and having recently survived a near fatal illness Meiron is passionate about helping others build resilience and cope with the constant pressures and demands of working life.
  • His unique Red Card technique has enabled thousands of employees worldwide to triumph over their stressors both at work as well as in the home environment.
  • Meiron’s extensive research on the subject of trust inspired him to develop his “How to build trusting relationships” keynote in which he shares the three key criteria that strengthen business relationships in any industry.
  • Having been successful in achieving exceptional sales results in his own business for over 20 years, Meiron shares his key sales success methodologies in his “Mastering the art of selling” workshops and presentations.



Presentation Topics

  • The seven laws of business success from Nelson Mandela
  • How to build trusting relationships
  • Building Resilience - Eat grass or run for your life
  • The science of behaviour change
  • How to be a trusted advisor
  • From Advisor to Financial Lifesaver
  • Managing workplace stress

Workshops Topics

  • How to build trusting relationships
  • Building Resilience
  • The science of behaviour change
  • D-Stress Selling in Tough Times
  • From Advisor to Financial Lifesaver
  • Mastering the Art of Selling
  • Customised Sales Mastery workshops – Topics are chosen from the Sales Mastery Topics list
  • Managing workplace stress

Team Building

  • Wine tasting events
  • Fun themes and activities
  • Team Work
  • Indoor Activities 
  • Energises and Breakers

Meiron Lees' presentation received the highest rating from our 1000 delegates. He is a highly engaging speaker whose energetic presentation inspired our audience to be catalysts for transformation within their organisations.
HR Summit (Asia Pacific)

Meiron has been an eager contributor to AITD’s conferences and events and the information he presents always hits the mark. His presentations are engaging, lively and most importantly contain essential messages for ALL managers and leaders.

Paul Dumble – CEO, Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD)

A highly skilled presenter, inspiring, captivating, motivating. Funny & touching – passionate & interesting.
The Golden Door Australia

Thank you Meiron Lees for a fascinating and very engaging presentation about stress management and resilience during corporate crises. It’s great to see today’s leaders mentoring the next generation of practitioners.
Phillip Cenere, The University of Notre Dame Australia

I was initially apprehensive about initiating a presentation and workshop on how our people can build resilience more effectively. In hindsight it was one of the best investments I’ve made. Meiron’s extensive knowledge of business coupled with his intricate understanding of human behaviour resulted in a renewed sense of optimism and confidence in our people.
Tony Rubin Group Manager, Finance and Control, IAG

If you are experiencing any of the possible signs of high stress levels, then Meiron Lees can help you. He has created a comprehensive and clever system for helping us all to manage our stress levels. I recommend making Meiron’s ideas a daily habit for a healthier and happier life.
Lifeline Australia

Meiron’s personal experience gave us a strong reminder about the urgency to protect our clients. His concept of being a financial lifesaver enabled us to be more focused, motivated and proactive in selling risk products. His presentations and workshops were most certainly a valuable investment of our time.

Meiron’s workshop created a renewed sense of urgency about the importance of insurance. His personal insights and experience as a successful advisor provided positive inspiration as well as an effective sales methodology. An outstanding workshop!

Meiron’s expertise, skill and knowledge enabled us to successfully implement his Sales Mastery Program in our organisation and its subsidiaries. Meiron’s contribution to date has been invaluable - we now have employees with high level of job satisfaction, improved productivity and a further increase in the company’s profit.
Vicky Edema, Managing Director Austral Mortgage Corporation

As a result of Meiron’s experience as successful advisor and skilled sales trainer he was able to provide effective strategies that we could immediately implement resulting in an increase in business turnover of 40% above the previous year’s results.” We thank you Meiron!
Ron Geffin, Owner IMR Financial Advisors