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Meiron Lees

Key Points

  • Meiron is one of Australia’s leading presenter and author on the subject of resilience with his book D-Stress, Building Resilience in Challenging Times winning the USA’s no 1 self-development book in 2010.
  • Living in the midst of violent crime in South Africa and having recently survived a near fatal illness Meiron is passionate about helping others build resilience and cope with the constant pressures and demands of working life.
  • His unique Red Card technique has enabled thousands of employees worldwide to triumph over their stressors both at work as well as in the home environment.
  • Meiron’s extensive research on the subject of trust inspired him to develop his “How to build trusting relationships” keynote in which he shares the three key criteria that strengthen business relationships in any industry.
  • Having been successful in achieving exceptional sales results in his own business for over 20 years, Meiron shares his key sales success methodologies in his “Mastering the art of selling” workshops and presentations.


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