Ask about Mark Pesce
Key Points
  • Mark Pesce is a futurist, inventor, entrepreneur, educator and podcaster.
  • He hosts award winning podcast The Next Billion Seconds and This Week in Startups Australia.
  • Was a judge on the ABC’s hit series The New Inventors for seven years.
  • Author of seven books, including The Playful World.
  • The Next Billion Seconds
    In 1995, no one was connected; by 2026, just a billion seconds later, being connected will be synonymous with being human. First we connect, not just to friends and family and co-workers, but with everyone, anywhere who shares our interests. Then, as we share what we know with one another, we gain the benefits of the experience of countless others. We put to work what we’ve learned by connecting and sharing, finding ourselves radically empowered because we are backed up by fast networks of knowledge. Such rapid empowerment has an impact on every business, institution and government; the next decades will be a dizzying, exciting ride, as we mature into our connected capabilities. Organizations need to embrace our connected future -- sharing freely, and using this new wealth of knowledge available to empower their employees, satisfy their customers, and bring wisdom to their management.
  • On Cloud Computing
    All business relationships are human relationships. The relationships to customers, to business partners, and employees are the three components of a successful business. All of this used to be straightforward, but not anymore: the network has supercharged our relationships. Customers can ‘go nuclear’ and poison future sales, or praise you to the skies and bring their friends to your door. The boundaries between business partners become confused, as experts within each organisation mine each others’ expertise for the good of all. Employees have become incredibly empowered: every employee’s Facebook page can be a welcome mat for your business. The relationships remain, but the rules for managing them have changed. The technologies of mobility and cloud computing – which create together a ubiquitous ‘field’ of connectivity – mean that these relationships can and will happen anywhere, at any time. Relationship management, 21st century style – good old-fashioned business sense amplified by the latest technological accelerators – is rapidly becoming the most important business skill you can acquire.
  • Master of ceremonies
    As an MC, Mark is the consummate professional, not just reading the script but his genuine enthusiasm in undertaking his own research on speakers was highly engaging and creates a real connection with an audience.

Mark was really brilliant. He fired up the conference beautifully. His presentation was one of the best I've seen. He built a compelling narrative over the 40 minutes, culminating in a call to arms to embrace our own ability to reimagine the future. Outstanding!
Ian Pidd