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Key Points for Lyn White AM

  • Lyn White AM was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia for animal welfare advocacy.
  • 2 times State Finalist for Australian of the Year.
  • 2011 ABC Newsmaker of the Year.
  • One of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women, 2014.
  • Twice featured on ABC’s Australian Story.
  • Media appearances include; 2 x 60 Minutes; 3 x Four Corners (2 x Gold Walkley winning programmes); Numerous other current affairs appearances.
  • Personal profiles in The Good Weekend (The Age/SMH) and SA Advertiser ‘Weekend Magazine’. Features in Women’s Day, New Idea and The Bulletin.

Topics for Lyn White AM

  • Living a life of value
    Old measures of success are leaving us still wanting ‘more’. Lyn presents the case that it is not success that we are inherently seeking, but living a life of meaning and significance. That the challenges humanity is facing in the 21st century is calling on us to embrace a new paradigm of aspiration.
  • Thought leadership in the 21st century
    Humanity throughout history have been courageous explorers, but the one area that remains barely touched upon is the exploration of human potential. New areas of scientific research are revealing humanity to be inherently kind, empathetic and compassionate. So what is anchoring our evolution? Lyn takes audiences on a personal journey of exploration of the human condition based on 20 years of policing experience and animal advocacy across four continents.
  • Change our thoughts. Change our choices. Change the world.
    What can I do to change the world? What contribution can I make? Of the 8 million people walking planet earth each has unique life experiences, gifts, talents to contribute. Lyn takes audiences through the critical steps needed to become a change-maker and be and live the change that we want to see in the world.

Testimonials for Lyn White AM

Lyn's ethos embodies the line from The Impossible Dream, 'to be willing to march into hell for a Heavenly cause.' She has done this time and again, and thank God has been rewarded with truly beneficial and far-reaching results for animals and humanity. I am simply in awe of her.
HRH Princess Alia al Hussein of Jordan

In my 40 years working with various organisations to reduce the needless suffering of both humans and animals, I have never known someone as brave and resolute — or as effective — as Lyn. Lyn seems to me to have exactly the qualities that Australians look for in their heroes: a quiet no nonsense get-the-job done approach, combined with compassion for the weak and an abhorrence of cruelty.
Peter Singer
Ethicist Professor

There are few people who have measurably changed the way we live and think. Lyn White is one of them. Known for her extensive work in the field of animal welfare, as a speaker she takes the audience on a deep journey into human behaviour. Hers is a call to live an examined life - inspiring, challenging and rewarding.
Sarah Ferguson
3 x Walkley award winning journalist

I have heard Lyn speak on a number of occasions. She speaks with knowledge and with passion. Her speeches are always meticulously constructed and always most interesting. Her audiences are spellbound and, typically, galvanised into action. I would have no hesitation in having Lyn speak to a conference or other meeting on subjects in her ambit.
Director Gresham Partners Ltd
I have seen Lyn White mesmerise audiences with her powerful words and the importance of her message regarding human potential and empowerment. Lyn is not only a phenomenal public speaker, but she is also one of the world's great strategists and change-makers. Lyn White is a hero for the planet.
Hon. Melissa Parke
Former Federal MP for Fremantle
UN Lawyer

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Lyn speaking in public on many occasions Whether she’s sharing her story with small groups in intimate gatherings or with large audiences in auditoriums she holds every individual spellbound with her powerful story and dynamic presentation. Her thought leadership and drive to activate human potential is compelling. I’ve seen first- hand the personal impact her message has made to people and it never fails to inspire me personally.
If you’re looking for someone who will create a genuinely meaningful and life changing experience for your audience then Lyn White should be your speaker of choice.
LOUD Communications Agency