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Key Points for Leonie McKeon

  • Leon McKeon is a world expert on understanding how the 36 Strategies, derived from Sun Tzu –‘The Art of War’ are used in the contemporary business for any negotiation.
  • She is the Author of Tame the Tiger – Negotiating from a position of power, Deceive the Dragon – Negotiating to retain power, Lure the Tiger – Negotiating in confronting circumstance, Bewilder the Dragon – Negotiating amongst confusion, Endure the Tiger – Negotiating to gain ground and Flee the Dragon – Negotiating when all ese fails.
  • Leonie has helped hundreds of business owners and executives understand how to be more effective negotiators in any business environment.
  • Leonie teaches her audiences how to practically apply the 36 Strategies.
  • She inspires people to feel confident and enjoy being part of the game of negotiating.
  • Leonie has university degrees in Anthropology and Business Enterprise.

Topics for Leonie McKeon

  • Fool the emperor to cross the sea
  • Loot a burning house
  • Watching the fire from the opposite shore
  • Sacrifice the plum tree to preserve the peach tree
  • Lure the tiger down the mountain
  • Toss out a brick to attract jade

Testimonials for Leonie McKeon

Leonie’s 36 Strategies workshop is a game changer. The information shared not only provides insight on how to systematically approach business with China but provides a grounding that can be used for everyday relationship and negotiation management. Leonie is engaging as a presenter and her extensive experience and knowledge in this field is an amazing resource to be able to access.
Director Life Sciences
Adelaide Zoo

The Art of Negotiation – 36 Strategies derived from ‘The Art of War’ workshop delivered by Leonie at the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) challenged conventional thinking.
Australian American Fulbright Commission

I can’t tell you how much you have given our family and me personally through your insights about the 36 Chinese Strategies. Understanding how the 36 Chinese Strategies are applied in Chinese business culture was the lightbulb moment which has led to such revenue growth, opportunities and personal growth. This has been one of the great, exciting professional and personal journeys and achievements of my life. Thanks again.
Wines by: Goeff Hardy

Leonie’s The Art of Negotiation – 36 Chinese Strategies derived from ‘The Art of War’ workshop delivered at the ‘Australian Institute of Company Directors’ challenged conventional thinking.
Australian American Fulbright Commission

Leonie's 36 Chinese Strategies workshops are invaluable. The workshops were eye-opening and had the right amount of humour and personal stories to keep our attention.
PDG Hub Director
Western Australia CPA Australia

I’ve had the privilege of hearing Leonie McKeon’s insights into doing business in China through the ‘36 Chinese Strategies’. What I found fascinating was that through bartering in marketplaces, the Chinese develop from an early age the skills and techniques they need to get a better deal. 
General Manager SA
CPA Australia

The training that Leonie provided to our team was excellent. The program was practical, was delivered with context and opened the teams mind to learning more about how to do better business in China. I have no doubt that the learning's will be applied and will provide great outcomes for our business. Leonie has also provided a great personal development opportunity for members of our team.
International Supply Chain Manager