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Leonie McKeon

Key Points

  • A world expert on understanding how the 36 Chinese Strategies, derived from Sun Tzu’s – The Art of War are used in the contemporary business world in China.
  • The Author of Tame the Tiger – Negotiating from a position of power and Deceive the Dragon – Negotiating to retain power.
  • A proficient Mandarin speaker who has lived and worked in the Greater China Region for several years and understands the application of the 36 Chinese Strategies first hand.
  • Helped hundreds of business owners and executives understand how to be more effective negotiators in China and any environment.
  • Teaches her audiences how to practically apply the 36 Chinese Strategies.
  • Inspires people to feel confident to and enjoy being part of the game of negotiating.
  • University degrees in Anthropology and Business Enterprise.

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