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Leonie McKeon

Key Points

  • Leonie McKeon is a born motivator and adventurer with an eagerness for playing the game of negotiation. She shares the rules of ancient Chinese wisdom which is the knowledge used by the best and most confident negotiators in the world.
  • Audiences are motivated and taught to be confident when entering into any negotiation, and will learn how to manoeuver opponents to get the best deal while keeping a positive relationship.
  • Keynote speaker and workshop presenter who cleverly draws on ancient Chinese negotiating skills known as the 36 Strategies derived from The Art of War into the 21st Century. She uses contemporary business examples showing how these strategies can be used in any negotiation.
  • Business owner for 15 years providing invaluable advice to companies about the strategies of negotiation.
  • University degrees in Anthropology and Business Enterprise.
  • Finalist in the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2002 - Hong Kong Australia Association (HKABA); a finalist in the Export of Service Award 2011 (HKABA), and was the winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2005 (HKABA).

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