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Key Points for Dr Keith Suter AM

  • Dr Suter is highly credible in many business and social affairs areas. He is not just a distinguished academic, he has also consulted to many large corporate and NFP organisations.
  • He has created dozens of unique keynotes based on a client’s brief and audience expectations.
  • A wonderfully eloquent and engaging speaker, he is always remembered long after the conference by audience members for his insightful insights.
  • Featured regularly in both TV, print and radio reflects his sound current knowledge of global, national and business affairs.
  • He consistently receives ‘excellent’ feedback in his evaluations (please refer to just some of testimonials below).

Topics for Dr Keith Suter AM

  • Futurist
  • Global affairs
  • National affairs
  • Globalisation
  • Leadership
  • Economics
  • Not for profit organisational development
  • Strategic planning
  • Corporate governance
  • The environment

Testimonials for Dr Keith Suter AM

Keith Suter is totally professional and ranked in Top 3 presentations of our 3 day Engineering Forum.

Keith Suter was very committed and attentive to understanding the program and what was required of him throughout the forum and made himself available for pre and post meetings to discuss and finesse this. The Executive and organising committee were extremely happy with the outcome of the event and believe that it delivered exactly what they were seeking. His assistance and insight were invaluable.
Leishman Associates

Keith Suter was excellent, very well prepared and lovely to deal with.
Alpha Group

Keith Suter is arguably the best Key Note we have had for one of our conferences. His depth of knowledge and ability to link and explain complex issues in a simple and compelling framework had all delegates hanging on his every word. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an engaging key note who is not afraid to operate without PowerPoint.
Instil Group

Keith Suter's insights engaged our students and prompted pertinent questions and discussion.
Methodist Ladies College

Amazing presenter with a depth of knowledge on change and disruption that is the best I have heard.  People at our conference said that they could have listened to Keith for the entire day and wanted more.
Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing

Keith Suter was superbly organised, a pleasure to deal with and gave an   outstanding presentation that exceeded expectations and which was a huge success with the regional business community.
Bathurst Regional Council

Wealth of information, personable and down to earth.
Blayney Shire Council

Outstanding speaker. The delegates feedback was only positive. Guests couldn't wait to meet Keith Suter and discuss issues that he had brought up during his presentation. A consummate professional. Keith's ability to communicate complex issues and engage the audience is unique.  
Australian Property Institute

Very knowledgeable, thought provoking and captivating. Was able to respond effectively to questions from the floor.
Property Council of SA

Keith Suter is an exceptional speaker with the presence to hold the interest of the audience from beginning to end.
Property Council of SA
Highlights of the day included the very powerful and thought provoking keynote address by Dr Keith Suter. Keith Suter's presentation was superb, his views on the importance of global education in the schools curriculum was well received by all attendees and staff, we have had some fantastic feedback regarding his presentation.
World Vision Australia
Excellent. Keith Suter spoke at the VACC President's Dinner for 40 minutes, but it only seemed like 20. His intellect and knowledge is awesome, but he presented some extremely complex and serious global matters in a language that all could understand. Not only was his presentation extremely interesting, but very entertaining. It was a pleasure working with Dr Suter.
Dr Keith Suter was excellent and very favourably received by our audience. He spoke eloquently on the topic assigned to him and used was a wonderful addition to our conference line-up.
Kimberly-Clark Australia Pty ltd
Excellent. Keith Suter's presentation was fascinating, relevant and informative. He definitely painted an overall picture for the theme of the day.
NSW Tourism Sport & Recreation

Keith Suter was great. By the time he gave his presentation, he knew as much about our association as we do ourselves. His preparation was thorough, his content was relevant, and his presentation was insightful and inspiring. Our delegates felt that he was a great opening speaker.
Careers Advisers Association of NSW
Well researched re the issues facing Queensland population expansion and a good understanding of the related health issues that came with that. Was very entertaining in his presentation and very engaging as a speaker. Provided good summary notes for his presentation well in advance - no need to chase up any presentations, and he personally followed up progress regards his role in our Forum. Very generous with his time in that he was prepared to stay for the day and to talk generally with the delegates, and undertook a radio interview on the topic of his presentation
Qld Division of General Practice
Excellent. The event has been rated by staff as the best we have had so far. Dr Suter was inspirational in his delivery of the information. It was a wonderful experience to have Dr Suter present to our Management Team.
Liverpool Council
Keith Suter gave us more than we could have asked for in inspiring forum participants, opening up eyes and minds to new ways of looking at things, and for the professionalism of completing the task at hand. Keith's presence helped draw in more participants than we have ever had before, and his dedication and skills helped made us shine.
Department of State and Regional Development
Excellent. Keith Suter responded to our particular needs in a very comprehensive and professional manner. He was well prepared and knowledgeable - sharing his thoughts on leadership in an informed, pleasant style - with a smattering of understated English humour!
It set the scene wonderfully for our workshops - and the response from the participants was overwhelmingly positive.
The Australian College of Health Service Executives
Excellent. Keith Suter was perfect for the event...we had fantastic feedback from both delegates and client.

Dr. Keith Suter has been experienced as very professional and cooperative. Pleasant personality who was  very much engaged with the event even beyond his responsibilities. Was able to moderate the discussion in such a way that we get most  out of the meeting.
Xerox Europe

Keith Suter was excellent, very knowledgeable with a good delivery that was easily understood. Wide ranging and relevant topics covered.
Caltex Australia 

Dr Keith Suter wrote and delivered a presentation specific to our conference theme and message.  This is amazing – to have a keynote speaker who firstly (really does!) tailor his presentation and then goes on to offer the delegates written information for use in their work and life. His message was clear; his anecdotes - highly amusing; and his passion for man, the environment and the hard social issues - intense.
Local Government Public Relations Association

Keith Suter was fantastic.  He was very supportive of the event and promoted it, and the seriousness of Dementia generously in his external media commitments.Keith's research, presentation content and delivery were excellent.
Alzheimer's Australia

Dr Keith Suter provided a exceptional presentation at the Wagga Wagga Big Business Breakfast on March 6th 2009. The information provided by Keith was not only well delivered but also contained highly informative information that was tailored perfectly for the Wagga Wagga Business Community as requested. Keith took his own time to gain his own knowledge of the Region by attending one day of the Regional Economic Development Conference prior to his presentation. At all times Keith was highly professional, exceptionally informative and welcoming to external factors of his presentation such as media and discussions with local business owners. We would highly recommend Dr Keith Suter as a guest speaker at any function. His presentations are compelling and captive.
City of Wagga Wagga

Dr Keith Suter would have to be one of the best guest speakers our company has used.  He is knowledgeable in so many different areas, and communicates complex ideas in a logical, common sense way that everyone can understand. He encourages lateral thinking and presents in an extremely engaging manner. Our audience was kept totally engrossed for his entire presentation. He's also a lovely man to work with.

Keith Suter was great in that even though we had a “power blackout” he was flexible enough to “speak without a microphone, no lectern, standing on a chair etc etc”. Keith salvaged a night that went wrong through “Energy Australia” providing a “power blackout” at the worst possible time!
FMD Financial

Keith Suter was exceptional – truly a Man for All Seasons.

It was a pleasure to have you as our MC and we were very impressed with how you kept the conference to schedule and seamlessly integrated the digital Q&A system into the flow of the session discussions. Your positive and professional attitude made the weekend enjoyable for not only delegates but also for us as organisers! Thank you for sending through your closing keynote address, we will make this available on the conference website. I hope to get the opportunity to work with you again in the future.
Better Boards Australasia