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Key Points
  • Jonty bush survived the homicides of two family members and moved forward to challenge Australia’s views around violence.
  • She was awarded Young Australian of the Year for her work in anti-violence.
  • Jonty has delivered hundred’s of presentations including keynotes, breakfasts and workshops throughout Australia with outstanding feedback! You can be confident in her ability to deliver a targeted and unique presentation to your audience.
  • She was recently voted as one of the YWCA’s 125 Most Inspirational Women in Australia.
  • She’s an inspiration. Jonty wears many hats, as an anti-violence campaigner, a victim’s advocate, an author, a business-woman, step-mother to three and a mother to a nine-month old (all girls!), Jonty will appeal to your audience on a number of levels.
  • Powerful decision-making
  • Living purposefully, not succumbing to ‘victim-hood’
  • Personal resilience, strength and overcoming adversity
  • Embracing change as a catalyst for personal and professional growth
  • Leadership and community mobilisation
  • Law, justice advocacy and social entrepreneurship
  • Violence in Australia and violence-prevention