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Key Points for Jethro Grainger-Marsh

  • A passionate and engaging speaker, facilitator, workshop leader and presenter, with the experience in a number of industries and markets to share first-hand knowledge and insight.
  • A strong communicator, flexible and adaptable with a wealth of professional and personal experience, comfortable with large audiences and workshop sessions, and dedicated to engaging with, educating, enlightening and entertaining the audience.
  • Passionate about the power of digital innovation and transformation to change the way we work, interact, and live.
  • An advocate of bringing people through the journey of change, and the integration of the three pillars of PPT.
  • Leading conversation and engagement about disruption and innovation with the customer at it’s heart.
  • A frequent blogger and workshop leader, accessible and knowledgeable – happy to share information, ideas, and support with audiences outside of sessions to add the most value.

Topics for Jethro Grainger-Marsh

  • Customer Experience and Digital Optimisation
    • Some do's and don'ts for your digital strategy
  • Transformation and Change
    • Bringing process, culture and technology together
  • The Power of Digital 
    • Where we've come from, where we'll go, and how we can
  • Platform Transformation 
    • From CRM, communication to paying the bills
  • Rising From The Ashes 
    • How to take challenge and transform
  • Digital Risk and Reward 
    • Weighing up security and scale, transformation and stability
  • Get Ready for Disruptive Innovation 
    • The why, the how, the who
  • Grow in Challenging Times 
    • What to do, and what not to do
  • Workshops
    • In addition to the above, Ed is experienced in leading workshops and facilitating events across the gamut of digital transformation, platform technology, social media, and aligning PPT to transformation and business objectives.

Testimonials for Jethro Grainger-Marsh

Jethro is an captivating digital speaker. He is capable of talking across a range of topics in the digital space. He certainly added his own funny and interesting twist to what is normally a fairly dry subject. 10/10 would listen to him again!
Head of Digital and CRM
Step Change

Jethro talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to Digital Transformation. His speaking style is engaging, entertaining and full of interesting stories, one of the most captivating speakers on the subject. In a lineup of equally experienced speakers, Jethro's talks stand out from the pack and are memorable and actionable. Would highly recommend.
Founder, CEO