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Key Points
  • Hollywood filmmaker, 2nd unit director of Happy Feet 1 and 2, fight choreographer and weapons specialist on the Academy Award Winning Mad Max Fury Road
  • Mr Australia Bodybuilding Champion, World Pistol Shooting Champion, award-winning filmmaker and international martial artist
  • Mental health advocate, ambassador and speaker for Lifeline, Suicide Prevention Australia and Mates In Construction.
  • Leadership, management and best team practices
    • Ways to bring an under-performing team together to bring out their best performances and in turn grow your business.
  • Mental health advocate
    • Greg uses his incredible life story to help inspire people to bring them back from adversity and help them achieve again.
  • Inspirational speaker
    • Greg's inspiring life story is filled with amazing take-aways that will give you the steps to put your vision into practice.

We met with Greg prior to the conference to discuss our needs and the message we were wanting to convey to the team. Greg took our comments on board and tailored his presentation accordingly. During the presentation Greg's use of photos and film to reinforce his message was very well received. He was comfortable on stage and held the audience's attention well. Following the presentation, the feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive. many delegates said they were mentally checking what else they could do in their lives to further their goals and dreams.
Mike Covey
Managing Director
Henry Schein Halas

Greg owned the stage, and had no problems engaging with individuals. He spoke from the heart with personal conviction, extreme passion, honesty and enthusiasm. We thoroughly enjoyed having Greg speak at our conference. His professionalism and enthusiasm shone and we received positive feedback from a great deal of participants.
Peter McClelland
Mates In Construction

Get ready to have the mediocrity scared out of you... through his amazing experiences, Greg will motivate you to push yourself further than you ever previously thought possible.
Armie Hammer
Lead Actor
Lone Ranger, Man From UNCLE, Social Network

Greg is an inspiration to all of us. I have witnessed first-hand the way he can completely transfer his mastery of one area into another where he has no experience and become a master of that new area in very little time. I believe it is unmatched. His abilities, knowledge and team building skills were put to the test on the Happy Feet Films (where he was digital crowd’s director - working with dance choreographers, motion capture artists and computer specialists) to bring the crowds to life, then to transition onto Fury Road where he designed all the complex fight action and gun fighting scenes, then trained actors and stunt performers where he was able to bring out their best. He is just amazing. I could talk about Greg forever.
Dr George Miller
Academy Award winning writer/director
Babe, Happy Feet 1&2, Witches of Eastwick and Mad Max Fury Road

I have known Greg for the past fifteen years and in that time we have become the best of friends, I have come to know him as man of great integrity, honesty and possessor of a great willingness and capacity to help and contribute to other people’s lives. He has done this, not only in my own life but in the lives of many others, directs me to know that he is a generous teacher, nurturing people’s natural talents while encouraging them to realise and therefore reach their full potential. His own achievements throughout his own life are more impressive than any endorsement I or anyone else could give, he has a wonderful talent for focus, planning, goal setting and achievement and I have seen him succeed at anything he puts his hands to because of these wonderful qualities. Greg Van Borssum is a truly gifted and talented individual that I am very happy to recommend to anyone.
Angry Anderson OAM