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Key Points for Greg Inglis

  • Greg Inglis is a three-time Club Premiership winner, Clive Churchill Medallist, Rookie and Representative player of the Year.
  • Greg is the founder of the Goanna Academy – the first Indigenous-owned mental health organisation in Australia. His first chapter of his career has seen him mentor young Australians, and now he is helping young people and those suffering from mental health issues achieve better outcomes and break the stigma of the silent illness.
  • With his professional sporting experience, Greg Inglis helps young people and high-performance employees define their strengths, achieve their performance goals, and achieve balance between in their careers and everyday lives.

Topics for Greg Inglis

  • The ‘GI’ story
    Elite performance mindset
  • What makes a Premiership winning team
    Development of a ‘team’
  • Different styles of ‘leadership’
    Personal discipline, performance analysis
  • Coping with challenges
    • Communication
    • Mental health and Greg Inglis
  • Mentoring: Indigenous space
    Cultural awareness within the workplace

Testimonials for Greg Inglis

Greg's talk was brilliant, the openness and honesty made it instantly relatable and engaging. Knowing our students, you could feel the emotion, and sense the thought processes that were happening as Greg was speaking. The long term impact of hearing how a superstar, who seemed to have it all, could still struggle through life's challenges will resonate with our students through their own adversities and hopefully inspire them to also seek help and make smarter, healthier life choices.
Waratah Centre

It’s great to see Greg, who is genuinely interested and motivated to drive positive change by creating awareness and providing strategies through his lived experiences, to improve life outcomes for so many. If we can help our children to get the right support, at the right time and reduce the stigma of having the conversation or asking for help, we can change the lives of so many!
Child Wellbeing Unit, NSW Health