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Key Points
  • Gerry McCusker literally wrote the new rule book on Reputation Management.
  • He's a PR analyst and author of the provocative expose 'Public Relations Disasters' . His book, magazine articles and '' blog are essential reading for executives and communicators the world over.
  • With 25-years consultancy expertise, Gerry currently teaches, trains and develops campaigns for Online Reputation Management.
  • A contributor to "Business Spectator" online, he is also acknowledged as an "All Star Speaker" by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).
  • Why CEOs Are Scared of Social Media 
  • Crisis Management for a Web2.0 World 
  • Even Farmers Use Facebook; creative Web2.0 content 
  • Social Media Monitoring and Evaluation 
  • Managing Your Digital Reputation

"Gerry McCusker is one of the most insightful and extraordinarily entertaining speakers on the practice of public relations that I’ve ever seen. If I see his name on a speakers list for an event, I will either attend or recommend it to my colleagues and clients."

Vice President, Edelman Public Relations, Asia Pacific