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Dr Ric Charlesworth AO

Key Points

  • Ric Charlesworth AO coached the Australian Womans Hockey Team, the Hockeyroos, for eight years and established himself as arguably Australia's most successful sporting coach.
  • Ric excels. He always has. Whether leading the world in hockey, captaining Western Australia in cricket, cramming in a medical degree or winning a seat in federal parliament, Ric has been excellent as a rule and frequently brilliant. His natural gifts and a fierce appetite for victory have guaranteed his success
  • Ric has worked as a high performance consultant to the Freo Dockers and as a mentor coach to 5 Australian Institute of Sport coaches. In 2008 he was appointed coach of the Australian's National Mens Hockey team, the Kookaburras.
  • Ric is not just a talking head, he walks the talk. He is warm, engaging, humorous, enthusiastic and optimistic. He is a chronic achiever.
  • With an entertaining and informative approach Ric draws from a wealth of sporting, political and medical experience to provide insight, advice and anecdotes to all facets of human endeavour.


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