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Dr Louise Mahler

Key Points

  • Professional, experienced speaker
    Louise has spoken internationally at hundreds of conferences in 10 countries. Chosen to speaker at the US Million Dollar Round Table in 2019, she has been invited as the keynote for High Performers in Arizona 2020, Speaker in USA and Europe for Gartner, Speaker in USA, South East Asia for Adobe, Leadership presenter for international leadership retreats such as Adobe and Transdev.
  • Expertise
    A polymath, Louise’s academic credentials are prolific including an award-winning PhD in Business with outstanding recommendations from her international examiners, a masters in Organisational Psychology and a degree in Economics majoring in Statistics, as well as a Degrees and Masters in Music. Louise is a global thought leader in body-language, voice and confident leadership.
  • A professional performer
    Following a decade singing Opera in Europe, including a soloists contract at the Vienna State Opera, Louise began an exploration of performance as it applies to the business context and, enhanced by years as a Manager at BHP and a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, combining her skills to give her a unique perspective on what presence and authority entails today in the opera of every-day life.
  • Engaging, energetic and entertaining
    Louise is renowned for audience engagement, straight forward and comedic style. While her tools and techniques are useful, practical and highly relevant, her impersonations of world leaders and in-the-moment audience analyses are hilarious while being real and highly informative.
  • Practical and scientifically grounded
    While the information is practical and funny, all Louise’s work is grounded in years of study and research. It may seem fun on the surface, but Louise’s aim is create transformational change for the individual, the organisation and have major global impact.

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