Ask about Christophe Barriere-Varju
Key Points
  • Has raced the Dakar Rally, the toughest and most dangerous motorsport race in the world, 4 times both in Africa and South America as a privateer representing Australia.
  • Is the subject of the award winning film, Dream Racer, an internationally acclaimed film broadcast by Discovery World and Fox.
  • Founded Dreamracer Pty Ltd in 2010, which distributes Dream Racer worldwide and recently, launched its own Dream Racer Television Video-on-Demand platform, and clothing brand.
  • Holds a triple major MBA in Finance, Supply Chain Management, and New Venture Management from the University of San Diego, California.
  • Started his business and consulting company, BvW Global, in 2001. BvW Global advises Australian Government Agencies and large Corporations in Complex Procurement and in implementing Performance Management Frameworks.
  • Has saved companies close to $1 billion.
  • In 2017 launched PS Branding, a branding agency born out of products for Dream Racer
  • Launched Dream Racer TV, an on demand platform equivalent to Netflix and iTunes
  • Your only competitor is yourself!
    • It is so easy to blame our 'failure' and inability to succeed in a task on other people, on external events, on the world! Most of us start equal, we have a head, two arms, a body, and two legs. We grow up and we learn.
    • What is it that we learn and who/what teaches us? Obviously we start learning from our parents, then school, then friends, colleagues, media, experiences so on and so forth. However, one has to be mindful of his/her own gaps. We get unconsciously programmed at a very young age, but can we really blame the following 70 or 80 years for our life on this? As easy it is to give up on ourselves, a easy it is to take the first step forward.
    • In this lecture, Christophe will talk about applying self-learning and recognising the missing parts in life's puzzle.

  • You never fail, you always win... or learn.
    • The fear of failure stops most of us from trying something new, or simply trying again, and again. Think about a gymnast for a moment, they will practice 8-10 hours per day for years to perform a few minutes at the Olympics.
    • During these thousands of hours, they try, they fail, they try again, they fail again, but that failure is positive because they learn something new each time. The more they learn, the more they are able to fill in the missing parts of the performance puzzle they want to establish. When you recognise a failure as a positive learning step in your mind, you will always win!
    • In this lecture, Christophe will speak about the need to fail to improve in the never ending pursuit of perfection.

  • The physical, mental, and emotional intelligence you need to succeed.
    • We can never be fit enough, but we can be fitter tomorrow than we can be today. We can let events happen and react to them or we can mentally prepare to various scenarios and stimulate our response mentally, thus keeping us better prepared. We can let our emotions dictate a response or we can use our emotion to dictate the response we want to feel.
    • Now, if we are aware and able to manage these three areas within ourselves and apply them to anything that we do in life, can we get a different outcome, or outcomes? I believe we can.
    • In this lecture, we will show participants how to recognise these three components in order to segment our conscious and unconscious response to achieve a positive outcome.

  • It's at the edge of who you are, that you learn who you can be.
    • This sentence not only describes the film Dream Racer, but also whether or not you have explored yourself as an individual. When one person stresses their own limitations, that one person knows truly how he/she will respond to unplanned, dramatic, or simply exploratory situations.
    • When experienced, how would you react at that particular moment? What impact and learning will these situations give you? Perhaps a new positive 'asset' that you can build upon.
    • In this lecture, Christophe will tell several stories of how he experienced the 'edge' and how these assets ended becoming the building stones to self-discovery.

  • Dreams, determination, resilience - how far can you go? The 7 Gear Approach.
    • It all starts with a dream, a bucket load of determination, and a truck load of resilience. There is however a range of gears that one person is willing to shift in. We call this, the 7 Gear Approach.
    • The 7 Gear Approach uses the analogy of shifting a gear stick in a car. That gear you are in will allow you to experience life at a certain speed based on your level of comfort, confidence and risk levels you are willing to take to carve your own path forward.
    • In this lecture, Christophe will talk about how a different approach to life philosophy can lead to different life experiences and outcomes.

  • Your world - their world.
    • There is a time when your world should not become their world, and their world should not become your world. That time is when their world is hindering  your way forward, your goals, your ambitions, and dreams. It is not always possible to convince people to be part of your journey, and sometimes their perceptions of your journey come with brakes you do not need.
    • Your world - their world is about recognising what pushes us forward and what holds us back. It's also the time when you need to disassociate.
    • In this lecture, Christophe will explain the meaning of the words "a challenge for those who go, a dream for those who stay."

  • Life and work, work and life... and the people within.
    • How good are you at juggling life? The statistics say that on average we spend 11 years working, 9 years watching TV, 26 years sleeping, and 5 months complaining! In the middle of all of this, we need to find time to live a life.
    • What if we became aware of the time wasted activities and replaced them with something valuable, something worth remembering, something better than watching The Biggest Loser?
    • In this lecture, Christophe will talk about living a day like it was the last day. Surely you wouldn't spend it watching TV, would you?

Christophe took the time to learn about our audience prior to his presentation to ensure he would resonate with their interests.  He provided a captivating presentation as well as subtly introducing a message pertinent to our event. His personal story was inspiring and kept our guests entertained. Christophe interacted well with the audience, and took the time to liaise with people before and after the event. His warmth and ability to communicate are just a couple of Christophe’s strengths. I would highly recommend him. 
Executive Officer
Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory

I was fortunate to hear Christophe speak at a recent conference and deliver two very different presentations both in style and content. One was a practical, workshop style session and the other was a keynote motivational speech. In both sessions the audiences were captured, myself included. He has a very natural way of connecting with the audience and connecting the audience participants with each other - giving you the feeling that you’re all in conversation together. Eloquent, entertaining, inspirational.
Lisa Woodward, Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council

I first heard Christophe speak at a dinner and quite frankly - he was the highlight of the night. His story is truly inspiring and proves that with sheer determination and focus anything is possible. His down to earth nature and openness engages everyone, draws them in and leaves them uplifted. Talking with Christophe is like talking to a long time friend. He immediately creates rapport and you can't help but be inspired by this great achiever.
Stephen McDowall, Motorcycle Presenter - "Behind the Wheel" Radio Show

I have had the pleasure of listening to Christophe speak about his life and Dakar experiences in public forums on two occasions. His story is a compelling one and he tells it with passion and humour. When you see the adversity Christophe faced to achieve his dream you are inspired. Christophe takes the listener onto the journey with him. You feel his pain and his exhilaration. Hear Christophe tell his story and you will be motivated to get out and achieve your dreams.
Shirley Hardy-Rix, Writer, journalist and publicist