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Christophe Barriere-Varju

Key Points

  • Has raced the Dakar Rally, the toughest and most dangerous motorsport race in the world, 4 times both in Africa and South America as a privateer representing Australia.
  • Is the subject of the award winning film, Dream Racer, an internationally acclaimed film broadcast by Discovery World and Fox.
  • Founded Dreamracer Pty Ltd in 2010, which distributes Dream Racer worldwide and recently, launched its own Dream Racer Television Video-on-Demand platform, and clothing brand.
  • Holds a triple major MBA in Finance, Supply Chain Management, and New Venture Management from the University of San Diego, California.
  • Started his business and consulting company, BvW Global, in 2001. BvW Global advises Australian Government Agencies and large Corporations in Complex Procurement and in implementing Performance Management Frameworks.
  • Has saved companies close to $1 billion.
  • In 2017 launched PS Branding, a branding agency born out of products for Dream Racer
  • Launched Dream Racer TV, an on demand platform equivalent to Netflix and iTunes

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