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Cas & Jonesy (James Castrission & Justin Jones)

Key Points

  • Cas and Jonesy are the only people to have ever kayaked across the Tasman Sea.
  • The boys along with one other share a record for the first people to ski from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back.
  • To date they have shared their story with over 180 000 people with global audiences demanding to hear the story of how two Aussie mates have succeeded in completing two of the greatest adventures of all time.
  • The boys' presentation is the perfect compliment to open or close a conference, motivate staff or provide an inspirational after dinner speech.
  • These two young and savvy adventurers have created two unforgettable presentation with stunning footage and imagery craftily moulded to convey messages that all can learn from.
  • They have authored two best selling books and two award winning documentaries (a dozen international film awards).
  • Their exploits have been watched by millions of people across the world in over 100 countries.

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