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POSTED 25 June 2015

No Aussie surf icon has captured the hearts and minds of as many people as Mark Occhilupo. The man will go down as one of this country's all time sporting legends.

We asked Mark if he could teach one skill to his younger self, what would it be? This is what the sporting great shared with us.

POSTED 19 June 2015

In the Global Economic Crisis of 2009/10, Tristan Miller lost his job at Google when they shut down the Melbourne office. Instead of looking for a new job, he decided to take on a new challenge – running 52 marathons in 52 weeks. Tristan’s story shows that a regular guy can do incredible things with the right motivation.

Read below as this popular sports speaker gives us some insight into his world.

POSTED 12 June 2015

In 2000, respected sports broadcaster Craig Hamilton was hospitalised after suffering a public psychotic episode. He was later diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder. The experience was traumatic, but encouraged Craig to speak up and challenge the stigma associated with mental illness and health. 

Since then he’s written two biographies documenting his journey and spoken across Australia, discussing the depths of his illness, depression, suicide, men’s health and becoming one of the nation’s leading mental health advocates.

POSTED 01 June 2015

Darren Flanagan is both an accidental celebrity and a true hero. Darren played a major part in the rescue of the two miners trapped in the Beaconsfield mine. In addition to his work as a leading explosives expert, Darren is now an inspirational public speaker specialising in topics for those in the risk management field.

We asked Darren “What does it take to be an extraordinary instructor and teach people new skills?” This is what the Health and Safety Speaker shared with us.

POSTED 21 May 2015

Steve Moneghetti AM represented Australia at four Commonwealth Games winning the complete set of marathon medals culminating in gold in 1994 in Canada. In 2014 Steve was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM).  We asked Steve 4 questions, this is what the champion sports speaker shared with us.

POSTED 21 May 2015

All passion, no limits! William Pike prides himself as being an ordinary kiwi bloke. As an accomplished motivational speaker, author of Every Day's a Good Day, amputee, 2015 Young New Zealander of the year finalist and an international role model. We asked William 3 questions so you could get to know him better. Here is what the Inspirational Speaker shared with us.

POSTED 12 May 2015

Graeme Cowan is one of Australia’s leading authorities on leadership resilience and creating a mentally healthy work culture. He was instrumental in setting up and growing R U OK? Day and is the author of 3 best-selling books. In this article the leading Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing speaker discusses the benefits of mastering your mood.

POSTED 30 April 2015

Rachael Robertson successfully shaped a resilient, safe and successful team in the most remote and dangerous workplace known to humankind, Antarctica. Rachael has over 20 years leadership experience in challenging and remote workplaces. We asked Rachael Robertson if she had a room full of people and could teach them one skill; what would it be?  This is what the Health & Safety Speaker shared with us.

POSTED 27 April 2015

Marty Wilson has spent his entire professional life studying fear, he is a relentless Entrepreneur who has leapt from one successful career to another – Marty is a Pharmacist turned Award-Winning Advertising Copywriter turned Stand Up Comic turned Bestselling Author and Speaker.

We asked Marty Wilson to write a letter to his 18 year old self, this is what the Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing Speaker had to say now he's got more experience to share.


POSTED 20 April 2015

Meiron Lees is an international speaker and award winning author whose book D-Stress, Building Resilience in Challenging Times won the coveted award as the number one self-development book in the USA in 2010. We asked Meiron Lees what was the greatest lesson he had learnt so far in life.  This is what the Health, Lifestyle & Wellbeing speaker had to say.

POSTED 31 March 2015

Phil Ruthven AM is the Founder and Chairman of IBISWorld, an international corporation providing online business information, forecasting and strategic services. We wanted to find out a few things from Phil Ruthven AM here is what the Economics & Finance Speaker shared with us.

POSTED 23 March 2015

Here are 3 questions Tony Christiansen thinks you should ask yourself everyday, so you have the best Lifestyle you can possibly achieve.

POSTED 19 March 2015

With all the recent news about the Australian economy we asked Stephen Halmarick one of our best Economics and Finance Speakers what influences him. Stephen is currently the Head of Economic and Market Research, Colonial First State and Chairman, Australian Business Economists.

POSTED 17 March 2015

We asked Michael Crossland one question "Imagine you had a room full of people and you were limited to teaching them just one life skill. What would it be?" This is what the Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing Speaker had to say.

POSTED 13 March 2015

With the end of financial year fast approaching we asked one of our top economics and finance speakers Bernard Salt some curly questions.

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