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POSTED 20 April 2016

Daniel Keighran VC is a leader who knows what is required to motivate the members of his teams. In 2012, Daniel was awarded Australia’s 99th Victoria Cross for purposefully drawing enemy fire to himself in order to save the lives of his teammates and fellow soldiers during a fierce firefight in the village of Derapet, Afghanistan. In 2011, Dan discharged from full-time Army service and commenced work in the mining industry. Initially working in exploration drilling throughout Western Australia and then as an underground shotfirer (blaster) in a gold mine outside of Kalgoorlie.

It’s been over 12 months since I personally caught up with Daniel so we grabbed a coffee and he filled me in on what he’s been up to since leaving the army after 14 years.

POSTED 12 April 2016

Kathy Kelly, along with her husband Ralph, founded the charity ‘The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation,’ following the murder of their 18-year-old son, Thomas Kelly, on his first night out in Kings Cross in July 2012. Now a passionate speaker on resilience and dealing with change, Kathy is a brave warrior willing to fight for justice and change. She is living proof that what we choose to do with a horrible situation defines our ability to heal, embrace hope and be empowered.

Here the inspirational speaker shares her emotional journey, from losing her son to dealing with the grief that followed. Kathy shares how she turned and used that grief to found The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation, so no parent would have to go through this experience.

POSTED 06 April 2016

David Cropley is an international author, researcher and consultant in creativity and innovation, specialising in helping people and organisations to unlock their idea generation and problem-solving capabilities. David’s expertise is based on a deep understanding of the psychology of creativity and innovation, coupled with real-world experience in technology and engineering. David has worked with organisations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, guiding them through the complexities of value creation in an ever-changing and challenging world.

Here the Creativity and Innovation speaker shares his expertise on STEM education. Is it helping or hurting innovation?

POSTED 22 March 2016

John Berenyi is one of Australia’s most prominent marketing professionals, with three decades of experience across Australia, Asia and USA. John’s work has helped some of the world’s most successful organisations. He’s the winner of numerous awards, and in 2015 John won the coveted ESOMAR World’s Most Effective Research Award against stiff international competition. As a presenter, facilitator or chairperson, organisers and audiences consistently rate him highly for both his research-proven, tailored content and his entertaining yet thought-provoking style.

Here the Business Speaker shares the learning’s and sales tips from when he recently discovered the best salesperson ever.

POSTED 08 March 2016

Alex Pirouz is an entrepreneur who has experienced both the highs and the lows of start-up ventures. He has a wealth of knowledge in business creation, development and growth. As a serial entrepreneur his passion is growing businesses and sharing that experience with others. The company Alex founded, Linkfluencer was recently recognized by Inc Magazine as the: “World’s leading online community for LinkedIn training” and rated by Anthill Magazine as one of the top 100 most innovative companies for 2015. Alex has also been nominated for Australian of the Year in 2007 & 2008.

Here the Sales and Marketing Speaker shares his tips on the one thing no business can live without: LinkedIn.

POSTED 03 March 2016

Lisa Tamati is an extreme ultra runner who has been running ultramarathon events for the past 20 years. Running over 2000km through different parts of the Sahara, from Morocco to the Libyan Desert, from Niger to Jordan, as well as countless other races in Europe, NZ and America. She has run the equivalent of over two and half times around the entire earth in training and races, despite having broken her back aged 21 and fighting with asthma all her life. She was the first kiwi woman to complete the Badwater ultramarathon through Death Valley – 217km in 38 hrs 24 mins the first time and her second attempt was 37 hrs 15 mins.

Here the Sport Speaker shares what running over 70,000kms has taught her about resilience.

POSTED 02 March 2016

Marty Wilson is a Pharmacist, a former Australian Comic of the Year, and the Author of several bestselling books on Diabetes, Cancer, Depression and Health & Fitness. Marty combines powerful messages on how to master change with the ability to make people laugh, Marty connects with audiences in the way few speakers can. A highly successful entrepreneur, award-winning comedian and charismatic opinion leader, Marty is the kind of speaker who could make your next event truly memorable.

Here the Motivational Speaker shares how to double your chances of achieving your 2016 Health and Wellbeing goals with some simple and easy tips so you can nail those goals.

POSTED 24 February 2016

One of the most highly regarded events on the business calendar, ICMI’s Women in Leadership / Women in Business, was held on Monday 22 February. An annual event, the Women in Leadership showcases some of the most prominent and esteemed women in Australian business and leadership roles.

POSTED 22 February 2016

Kyla Kirkpatrick is The Champagne Dame, an ambassador for the region of Champagne; she is the only qualified female cognac master in the Southern Hemisphere. Kyla has carved out a fascinating and very successful career doing what she loves and speaks passionately on the power of being niche in a business and adding personality to big businesses. Currently nominated for Telstra Business Woman of the Year and about to publish a new book, Kyla has taught the virtues of Champagne to some of the most powerful people in Australia.

Here the MC and Business Speaker shares her expertise and tips about businesses being in a niche market.

POSTED 11 February 2016

Rob Redenbach is the best-selling author of What I Didn’t Learn at Harvard. Rob’s unique insights into leadership and resilience have seen him featured in a range of media outlets, including; Business Review Weekly, Financial Review, Sunrise, Today, ABC’s Midday Report and Sky News Business. Drawing from experiences that include working with the bodyguard team of Nelson Mandela in South Africa and providing specialised security services to aid-workers in the Middle East, Rob has successfully transferred the strategies of elite security to business and everyday life.

Here the Business Speaker shares his expertise on how leaders write the script and managers follow them.

POSTED 08 February 2016

Alex Pirouz is an entrepreneurial speaker who has experienced both the highs and lows of start-up ventures. Alex is inspirational and capable of helping people to think and act differently. Highly observant and deeply thoughtful, he has developed unique ways to drive effective sales and marketing campaigns through LinkedIn. Linkfluencer, the company Alex founded in 2013 has already helped 10,000 businesses across 55 industries and in 30 countries. He readily shares practical tips from strategic planning to excellent execution, which would benefit any company chasing growth.

Here the Business Speaker shares his tips to deal with adversity in business.


POSTED 02 February 2016

Al Jeffery is a 21 year old Australian social entrepreneur, international facilitator, cultural architect and creative. Since the age of 12, he has been on a mission to use conscious business as a tool for cultural and personal change, ultimately to bring forward a world that is “together in gift!” He has consulted and worked with the likes of Apple, Australia Post, Telstra and many more on cultural rejuvenation as well as spoken on stages internationally on the topics of; personal wellbeing and peak performance, engineering creative and high-performing culture, and emergent innovation frameworks. Currently he is the Founder of Base, creating Australia’s first co-living, working and learning space in Melbourne.

Here the Business Speaker shares with us some of the key insights into behavioural motivators for Millennials and what these mean for corporate cultures. 

POSTED 26 January 2016

Peter Wynne has been producing and directing television in Australia for over thirty-five years and can take audiences inside the Star Chamber, through his true stories of madness, mayhem and pure magic. He is a classic raconteur, sharing secret TV yarns and fascinating stories that range from the bizarre to the hilarious.

Here the MC shares some insight into his fun filled career and takes you on a journey of pure unashamed name-dropping.

POSTED 19 January 2016

John Shackleton is a sports psychologist with an amazing power to transform an audience’s thinking. As New Zealand’s top inspirational speaker John is a world leader in performance improvement. He’s been motivating CEO’s and top sales people from numerous industries for more than 30 years and coached Olympians and World Champions, helping them to change their thinking, change their habits and dramatically improve their results.

As we all set off into the New Year it’s a perfect time to re-evaluate our goals, here the Business Speaker shares his expertise on getting goal setting right.

POSTED 13 January 2016

Narelle Fraser led what she believed to be as a fairly normal life until she joined Victoria Police at 27 years of age.

Prior to joining the police, Narelle was a Lifeline volunteer counsellor, she wanted to make a difference. However, it was the beginning of a world completely foreign to her: violence, drugs, abuse and death. Every day was a new experience.

Narelle was a detective with the homicide, rape and sexual crimes squads for 15 years; having received numerous commendations, medals and awards for dedication and diligence. Narelle has investigated high profile cases including: Maria Korp, Anna and Gracie Sharpe and the society murders (Wales-King). She has also appeared as an Investigator on Australia’s Most Wanted and ABC’s Statewide Drive.

Here the Law and Crime Speaker shares with us why everyone, no matter what profession they’re in, should acknowledge stress and not keep it a secret.

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