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POSTED 17 December 2020

By Barry Markoff, ICMI Founder & CEO


The PCOA 2020 was a huge success with 480 attendees and a “breakthrough” event held as a Hybrid conference and Virtual Exhibition.  

POSTED 26 November 2020

Well, after 34 weeks as your brekkie buddy, Breakfast Bites is taking a break.

2020 has been one heck of year and it has been an absolute treat to start our Wednesdays with you. It’s been wonderful to have such a supportive community that let us stay connected despite being held apart.

POSTED 12 November 2020

By Denise Olholm – ICMI Managing Consultant based in Queensland

Recently I had the privilege of being interviewed by Mark Carter, a talented speaker and author. Mark’s latest book is based on his ‘Add Value Model’, which delves into how, by focusing on value, we can enhance all aspects of our lives.

POSTED 10 November 2020

By – Heather Foster – ICMI Managing Consultant – based in Adelaide

Right now, many businesses across Adelaide are hurting. This is a time when we are all in need of leadership to change the way we think, handle change and build resilience. We’re all looking to successfully navigate our way through this difficult time.  There are many brilliant speakers in Australia and we are truly blessed that we have a fine selection right here in South Australia - so here are 5 of ICMI’s Top Business Speakers based in Adelaide, right now.

POSTED 02 November 2020

By Brad Hopes – Managing Consultant with ICMI Speakers & Entertainers

At the risk of annoying my friends on the other side of the Nullabor, I have to say we are currently the luckiest State in Australia. Lucky to have events on again and lucky to be able to say we have some of the best keynote speakers ON THE PLANET.

POSTED 28 October 2020

As some states are fortunate to open their venue doors, we are seeing a welcome return to live in-person events. However, for Victorians and businesses with multiple offices around the nation, the idea of hosting a live event seems impossible- but fear not! As all industries have had to adjust to ‘the new normal’, the event industry has become well-versed in a range of alternative options to traditional events. Have a read and find the solution that is a perfect fit for your next event: 

POSTED 26 October 2020

By Heather Foster – Managing Consultant with ICMI Speakers & Entertainers

Right now we could all use some inspiration. The following 5 speakers can deliver this in spades to you, your organisation or your group. Hard work is the key to each of these speaker’s success, and they’re experts at bringing it out in their audiences.

POSTED 22 October 2020

2020 has been an extraordinary year so far. The Coronavirus has changed the world and therefore had a significant impact on everyone on the planet. Even if we haven’t contracted the virus and don’t know anyone who has, the way we live and our day to day lives have changed.

Covid-19 has created fear, uncertainty, and a loss of control in many aspects of our daily lives.

POSTED 21 October 2020

Work as we know it will never be the same. While working from home was initially new and exciting, the novelty of remote meetings has mostly faded, and many of us are experiencing Zoom and Microsoft Teams fatigue.

We were therefore thrilled to host some of our lovely clients last week in a one-off complimentary session on this very topic with ICMI speaker, public speaking trainer, humourist and author Jordana Borensztajn.

POSTED 14 October 2020

Known for the most refreshing take on mindset, resilience and productivity, Clare Desira builds audience connections quickly. Clare has worked across 40 countries with clients including Apple, IBM, Red Cross, Australia Post, Intrepid, QBE and Harcourts. With years of virtual delivery experience and her influential style, Clare has a rebooking rate of 91% and audiences rate the likelihood to use her tools at 9.1/10.

POSTED 01 October 2020

When the world as we knew it stopped with the Covid-19 pandemic, we were divided: all live events were obviously cancelled, and yet this was a time when now more than ever, our speakers’ insights and expertise would be most needed. It was with this in mind that our weekly Breakfast Bites series was born to provide our clients with as much value as we could during lockdown.


These complimentary half-hour ‘mini keynote’ episodes have gone from strength to strength. Originally created for ICMI’s clients, Breakfast Bites has gone on to create its own following and is now the highlight of many people’s week. Each Wednesday at 9am AEDT, two speakers and a host from our vast and varied talent pool draw on their lives and experiences to discuss the current climate, providing tangible insights and advice moving forward. Due to its success, Breakfast Bites is now available on-demand, meaning you can return to the series again and again and again. 

POSTED 24 September 2020

Why value and values matter more than ever.

There are increasing studies and research highlighting the impact values have on the two groups of people that matter most to the survival, revival and thriving of every business: employees and customers.

A 2019 Nielsen study of employees (especially millennials) found over 70% consider the ethos and impact of a company when considering who they should give their talents to. Often it’s of greater importance than remuneration packages.

POSTED 24 September 2020

Our FREE weekly online series

ICMI is hosting a weekly online series to kickstart your Wednesdays. It’s jam-packed with generous helpings of knowledge and morsels of motivation. 

Every Wednesday we will feature two speakers, each presenting for 5 minutes, followed by a live Q&A session. The series runs via Zoom and is facilitated by a professional host. All up, the event runs for 30 minutes, maximum. 

Created to be short, sharp and light, Breakfast Bites is the perfect way to start you on your day.  

 We invite you to tune into ICMI’s Breakfast Bites, airing every Wednesday at 9:00am AEST.  

Previous episodes include:

POSTED 11 May 2020

Dr Ross Walker is an eminent practising cardiologist with a passion for people and health, boasting 40 years’ experience as a clinician. For the past 20 years he has been focusing on preventative cardiology and is one of Australia’s leading preventative health experts. 

Considered one of the world’s best keynote speakers and life coaches, Dr Walker is the author of seven best-selling books and a regular health presenter in the Australian Media. He also appears weekly on the national Macquarie Radio network and the Super Radio network.

POSTED 28 April 2020

Anna Meares is the only Australian to win a medal in an individual event at four Olympic Games. She was Australia’s flag bearer at the Rio Olympics. But Anna’s life since Rio has not been easy, as she struggled to come to terms with retirement, a divorce, the death of her much loved coach Gary West, and the realisation that, for all her greatness, the world of elite cycling was carrying on without her. In her new book, Anna Meares: Now, Anna describes the impact all this loss had on her, as she found herself feeling despondent and alone, and questioning if all she’d achieved was truly worth it. 

‘There were times when going to sleep was the hardest part of my entire day,’ she writes. ‘I just wanted to stay asleep, if I ever got there.’

Happily, Anna was able to turn her life around. She is in a new relationship and recently gave birth to a daughter, Evelyn. In this exclusive extract, she recalls the depths of her despair after she retired and when things started to improve …

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