Q&A with Entrepreneur Jason T. Smith | Leadership Speaker

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Q&A with Entrepreneur Jason T. Smith | Leadership Speaker - 12 December 2018

Q&A with Entrepreneur Jason T. Smith  | Leadership Speaker

Jason T. Smith is the Founder and Group Director of Australia's largest and fastest growing Physiotherapy network, the Back in Motion Health Group. He leads a team of over 500 staff in over 110 locations. Jason is the author of the best-selling book 'Get Yourself Back In Motion' and 'Outside-In Downside-Up Leadership: 50 insights from a true story of remarkable organisational change'. He regularly appears in the media as a popular contributor and presenter on leadership excellence, entrepreneurial business, and health and wellness.

Here the Leadership Speaker gives us insight into his background and business expertise.

What are the biggest challenges when leading a large team?

Large teams pose lots of curious challenges – the greatest being the “mission drift” that so often happens. It’s like a game of broken telephone…when the leader casts the vision to their immediate team, and slowly over time and distance the message gets distorted or diluted through the layers of people that make up the rest of the team. Leaders of leaders must be careful to guard the identity and culture of their growing organisations to ensure direction is not compromised.

What is key to being an effective leader?

Effective leaders know how to:

(1) Set direction;

(2) Gain commitment;

(3) Facilitate change; and

(4) Achieve results…regardless of the odds stacked against them.

You are a health thought leader, award-winning entrepreneur, acclaimed physiotherapist and have authored two books. What keeps you so driven?

It’s not just a creative idea or business opportunity for me – it’s a calling. I live with a conviction that I am meant to do this. My life is centred on empowering others in optimal health so they can be significant in the lives of those around them. If I wasn’t doing this, what else would I do?

Tell us about your work with SOS Health Foundation?

For over 10 years I have chaired the SOS Health Foundation. We exist to improve the health of disadvantaged indigenous communities across Australia – closing the gap in health outcomes. We send 70 volunteers a year into the community, providing health education, allied health services, and health vocational training – helping those who can’t yet help themselves in this way.

Of your many achievements, what are you most proud of?

I’m blessed with a vibrant marriage, 4 beautiful children, and a successful health and business career. But I’m most proud that I’ve resolved my convictions in life. I have learned to live with the sacrifices of staying true to what I believe. I’m wary of compromise. I know what I believe, and am grateful for the courage to pursue it.

Learn more about Jason here.

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