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Law and Crime

Our law and crime speakers are all experts in their chosen fields and come from differing backgrounds, so you can be sure you will find the right speaker for your next event.



POSTED 23 September 2019

Daniel Weis is a leading Cyber Security Expert who was one of the first people in the world to become a Certified Ethical Hacker. Daniel is the 'go-to guy' when it comes to understanding the risks of cybercrime, cyber-attacks and threats, safety and the dark web. He facilitates training sessions for budding ethical hackers as well as critical guidance to parents and I.T professionals. Daniel has released a new book called Hack Proof-Yourself! The essential guide to securing your digital world. 

POSTED 17 May 2016


Stephen Pallaras has been defence counsel, prosecuting counsel and judge in many compelling criminal trials. A QC with over 40 years’ experience in the practice and teaching of the criminal law, he is recognised internationally as an expert. Well measured, thought-provoking and often controversial and confronting. Stephen has an approach which is always novel, solution orientated and illustrated by examples from his long career in the criminal law. Here the Law & Crime Speaker shares a case he worked on in Hong Kong confirming for him that in the law, just as in life, there is always another side to a situation, alternative solutions, differing interpretations.

POSTED 13 January 2016

Narelle Fraser led what she believed to be as a fairly normal life until she joined Victoria Police at 27 years of age.

Prior to joining the police, Narelle was a Lifeline volunteer counsellor, she wanted to make a difference. However, it was the beginning of a world completely foreign to her: violence, drugs, abuse and death. Every day was a new experience.

Narelle was a detective with the homicide, rape and sexual crimes squads for 15 years; having received numerous commendations, medals and awards for dedication and diligence. Narelle has investigated high profile cases including: Maria Korp, Anna and Gracie Sharpe and the society murders (Wales-King). She has also appeared as an Investigator on Australia’s Most Wanted and ABC’s Statewide Drive.

Here the Law and Crime Speaker shares with us why everyone, no matter what profession they’re in, should acknowledge stress and not keep it a secret.

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