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Book Excerpt: The Case For Character | Michael McQueen | Keynote Speaker - 05 September 2019

Book Excerpt: The Case For Character | Michael McQueen | Keynote Speaker

Michael McQueen is a trend forecaster, eight-time bestselling author and multi-award winning speaker. Michael provides audiences with powerful insights into what the future holds and how businesses and leaders can ride the waves of change rather than being engulfed by them. He is known for his compelling, humorous and practical presentations and has been inducted into the Professional Speakers Halls of Fame after being named Australia’s Keynote Speaker of the Year.

Michael has shared an excerpt of his new book The Case For Character which examines the latest consumer trends data and highlights why transparency, trust and clarity of purpose are increasingly essential for any business or institution.

In this age of transparency, consumers are demanding ever-greater trustworthiness and values-alignment from the brands and businesses they engage with.

Looking at the latest consumer research and case studies of best practice from around the world, this new book from Michael explores:

  • Why the marketplace today is more sceptical and discerning - and how this creates an enormous opportunity for those that are prepared
  • How purpose-driven brands have proven to be more lucrative, loved and longer-lasting than their competitors
  • A game plan for building or rebuilding trust through credibility, consistency, clarity and congruence.


Read an excerpt of The Case For Character by downloading the PDF or click the book.



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