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Are you ready to lead for success? Radek Sali (Leadership Speaker) - 04 July 2017

Are you ready to lead for success? Radek Sali (Leadership Speaker)

Radek Sali is an accomplished leader of international business, having made his mark in his early thirties as CEO of household name Swisse. Radek’s leadership style was acknowledged with Swisse being named the ‘Most Successful Business of the Year’ of 2012 by BRW’s Private Business Awards. Radek was also recognised as GQ Businessman of the Year and the CEO Magazine Pharmaceutical Executive of 2012. In 2015 and 2016 Swisse was named a top 25 employer of choice. Radek is an impressive and highly motivated leader who hasn’t lost sight of his ethics, his people and the impact on the environment. He encourages people to tread gently and aim high, we could all learn from that motto.

The Leadership Speaker shares his vast expertise and vital tips on how to be not just a great leader, but the best leader there is. 

Have you asked yourself, what it takes to be successful? Are you living your passion?

Can you imagine a champion sports person successful at their caper if they were not passionate about it? Make sure you are at peace with these questions. To be successful you need to have made the decision to be elite! That’s right, you’ll need to practise every day as if you are going to the Olympics. Except this is a lifetime journey.

For this to be sustainable, you need to live a truly balanced lifestyle. Your profession must seamlessly integrate with who you really are. You cannot be fraud or fake or you will be found out. Love yourself, what you do and the life that goes with it. You will have to work hard, but not over do it, look after your body, exercise, eat right and remember that your brain is your most precious asset so look after it - meditate! Do these basic things to help yourself and you’ll be able to help others you care about.

Define your leadership style

I love to have fun, seek buy-in, and truly believe that the sky is the beginning. Practise what you are good at, so you get better and better at it.

Great challenges are opportunities, these challenges will define your success. Except the fact that difficulties will always come. That’s life, make the most of it rather than fight it. Seek the opportunity to grow and learn from the experience.

Make sure you surround yourself with people that tell you the good news as well as the bad. Thank them when they are brave enough to tell you the bad. Feedback is a gift, nurture those who give you counsel.

Accept the fact that for all of us, change is something that we need to do constantly. Change doesn’t come easy, we need to reinforce change with positive feedback and encourage and reward changes that take a business forward.

Set up a work environment that reinforces the use of positive language. Think if you were to go to a personal trainer and they didn’t encourage you to complete exercises or didn’t give you any instructions on what to do, it would hardly be worthwhile. Why shouldn’t this be the norm for the workplace? Lead by reinforcing the good, choose language that inspires people and make it ok for people to be coached on the job, how else will they get better?

Leaders create culture and a great culture is the first step in creating a great business

Culture is something that must be nurtured and constantly worked on. 

It is alive and as important as a business plan. Put as much effort into it as a business plan, workshop regularly. Update it quarterly and keep it relevant. Make sure that your company values are constantly reinforced by leaders and team members alike. Reward those who champion culture - make them heroes of the business. 

Over the span of a week, we spend more time at work than in any other relationship in life. Make sure you lead, do the right thing and provide for a workplace that people really look forward to being part of. It’s your responsibility to your team to do this for them and yes it will pay you back bucket loads. If your people are happy, the business will operate better, you as a leader will be proud and feel fulfilled by what you do.

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