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  • The power of perspective (developing purpose, connection and performance mindsets)
    As a renowned expert in connection & storytelling, Ben takes the audience on an inspiring and unexpected journey to discover the quirky and counter intuitive principles behind successful teams and leaders - unpacking authenticity, vulnerability, connection and storytelling.

    Ben explains the power of Purpose using stories from some of the world’s most successful organisations, teams and athletes, and explains how a counter intuitive focus on gratitude, humility and humour enables athletes to become no. 1 in the world - and balance achievement with fulfilment.

    Using story to highlight the principles of “Connection” mindset, Ben explains how to embrace vulnerability, imperfection & self-worth, and challenges the audience deeply about their own perspectives towards themes such as :
    • Expectation vs Appreciation?
    • Resume virtues vs Eulogy virtues
    • Extrinsic motivation vs Intrinsic motivation
    • Achievement vs Fulfilment
    • I vs WE

  • The art of storytelling
    Ben is considered a global expert in the art of purpose-driven storytelling and takes the audience on a wondrous journey explaining the principles of storytelling as they are applied across different categories (education, religion and entertainment) and then uses inspiring and educational case studies and stories to explain how these principles can be applied to individuals and organisations.

  • Virtual offerings
    Perspective will get us through this chapter. The greatest pillars of perspective are Acceptance, Gratitude and knowing it’s your Decisions, not your conditions that determine your mindset. Our greatest growth comes from our darkest times and this chapter will define so many people in our world.

    As a renowned expert in Mindset and Perspective, Ben Crowe discusses and explains powerful themes that are vital in times of uncertainty, especially to distressed businesses, business owners, leadership teams, students and athletes.

    Ben’s online sessions cover:
    • Identifying and dealing with anxiety
    • Developing a mindset of calmness
    • The power of perspective
    • Acceptance
    • Gratitude
    • Embracing Vulnerability (risk, uncertainty, emotional exposure)
    • Separating the person from the persona (separating self-worth from what you do)
    • Finding purpose and meaning
    • Social disconnection does not mean emotional disconnection (i.e shame)

Ben's presentation can be delivered as an online pre-recorded keynote, live webinar (with Q&A), virtual boardroom discussion or crisis round-table.


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