Ask about Bas Lansdorp
Key Points
  • Visionary and co-founder of Mars One, human mission to Mars
  • Bas first became determined to establish the first colony on Mars while studying at University
  • Bas Lansdorp and the journey of Mars One have been reported in almost every credible news outlet and science journal of the world
  • Mars One:
    Bas Lansdorp is the CEO and co-founder of Mars One. He talks about the challenges of launching one of the most ambitious projects on humankind's bucket list for the 21st century, the achievements to date and the next steps.
  • Business/start up:
    Mars One is a start-up company with the goal of settling Mars - we're not often told to 'think bigger'. What is the business case for a human mission to Mars? How did Mars One succeed in reaching so many people around the world? In his talk, Bas will touch upon what life is like starting and running such an ambitious project.
  • Out of the box thinking:
    Bas' talk is often used as the start of company events where future activities are discussed. The grand vision of the human mission to Mars will make almost anything else seem more obtainable.
  • Innovation:
    If you were going to Mars, would you prefer to rely on the newest, highest tech, innovative systems, or on proven technology? Humankind's greatest waves of innovation happened during periods of on the edge of exploration - the mission to Mars will trigger another one.
  • Team work:
    A manned mission to Mars has financial and technology challenges, but the human aspect is the most challenging. How do you select a team of just four, two women and two men, who will fly to Mars in seven months and spend two years on the surface of the planet before being joint by a second team? How do you train them? What does it teach us about teamwork on Earth?
  • Mars One Workshops:
    • Mars One Business Case Workshop
    • Mars One (Crisis) Communication Workshop
    • Mars One HR Workshop
    • Mars One Medical Workshop



Over the past seven years, the Jefferson Educational Society have hosted over 700 lectures. As Executive Director, I have attended the vast majority of them. I can, without a doubt, state that Mr. Lansdorp's gave one of the top lectures I've attended. He took a tough topic, made it very exciting, and captured the imagination of the audience like very few presenters can. I'm eagerly waiting for him to come back to the Jefferson Society with an update a couple of years down the line.
Ferati, Ferki
Vice President
The Jefferson Educational Society of Erie

Bas was our keynote speaker and rated as best speaker by our delegates! His presentation really moved because you could feel; this is his passion! And Bas is also a very professional and a nice guy to work with!
Marga Groot Zwaaftink
Meeting Designer

Our keynotes are reserved for revolutionary speakers and outside of the box thinkers, and Bas ticked both boxes instantly with his forward-thinking approach and fantastically awesome project. Pre-, during and post- event, Bas was personable, prompt and efficient. It was clear that he was keen to fully understand the event concept and audience and made every effort to tailor a presentation that would match their interests and passions. And he delivered; based on a large percentage of our audience's feedback, Bas was ranked one of our top 5 speakers (out of 60) with an average score of 8/10. To mention but a few comments, the presentation and speaking style were described as 'inspiring', 'motivating' and 'exciting' and one of my particular favourites read, 'Good to see dreamers still dreaming!'. I am more than impressed by Bas' conduct, professionalism and vision and would recommend him very highly for any such engagement. If you want to be inspired, Bas is your man!
Michael Ratcliffe
Head of Production