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Alan Hannaford

Key Points

  • Alan has an amazing capacity to relax an audience and put them in a receptive state of mind. He acts and sound ‘lay back’. All the while words of wisdom come from the funniest stories enabling people to learn while they are being entertained. His life so far has seen Alan achieve great success in sport and become highly respected in the horse and cattle industries. He has suffered a life threatening complaint, so painful it is called “the suicide complaint”. Alan’s persistence and help from his family found the right people to achieve a complete recovery.
  • Alan is a communication expert.
  • He will deliver strong messages to an audience that will assist them to achieve their desired outcomes in business and in their personal relationships.
  • Alan has an amazing repertoire of stories based on years of experience dealing with people and animals. This enables the audience to understand clearly and remember the ‘take home’ message.

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