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Afterburner - Fighter Pilots

Key Points

  • Afterburner - Fighter Pilots is authentic, real men and women who have served their country and pushed their minds and bodies to the very limit of human performance and endurance. This very small community operates in an environment like no other and the Afterburner team will take you on a journey to discover your own human performance limitations and what to do day to day to manage them and create a true “High Performing Team”
  • Afterburner consistently ranks 4.9/5.0 on Facebook and Google reviews for its content and the ability to implement its learnings in business and in life the very next day.
  • You’ll be taken on a behind the scenes journey, from a 1 v 1 air combat mission viewed from the cockpit of a high performance fighter jet, to the impact of 9G on a fighter pilots body.
  • You’ll explore an aviation accident, highlighting the impact of distraction on performance using video and the real Cockpit Voice Recorder sound track from the incident. Distraction is the number one killer of personal performance today, Afterburner will show you how to manage distractions and achieve incredible focus in your day to day.

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