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Key Points for Abam Mambo

  • Abam Mambo is a transcultural workplace expert with 13 years advising Global and Fortune 500 C-suite, senior management and HR on a fair, diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Is a legal, compliance and investigation leader with experience living and leading teams in North America, Africa and Asia.
  • The producer and host of acclaimed podcast, MamaTokTok’s A Different Take with diverse perspectives on everyday issues from everyday people around the globe.
  • Her talk on “Creating and Owning Your Seat At The Table” has hit almost 100,000 YouTube views. Through her talks, writing, podcast she’s impacted over half a million people.
  • Has delivered keynotes on at Transparency International (Asean), GSK, GW Pharma, and Corporate Counsel Women of Color.
  • Diverse professional and personal experience span across four subject matters, three continents and interactions through all levels of the organization.

Topics for Abam Mambo

  • Belongingness in the modern workplace
    How and why organizations should prioritize belongingness in their inclusion and diversity strategy.
  • What every inclusive leader should learn from Bungeeing, Quasimodo and Ladakh
    Fairy tales, travel and history teach us about leading diverse personalities on a team.
  • Who are you calling diverse? The term that cuts both ways
    More than just semantics, how can HR and organizations define ‘diverse’ that builds support instead of antagonism.
  • Inspirational - The many-named war wife who nearly drowned but didn’t
    Embracing and healing adversity.
  • Inspirational - Brene Brown, me and the trouble with vulnerability
    Vulnerability is all the rage these days with good reason. But before being vulnerable, know these.
  • 5 risks worth taking
    Facing these five fears can lead us to more professional and personal fulfilment.

Testimonials for Abam Mambo

I asked Abam to speak to our whole organization (US and European) as part of a 3-part series. The topic was broad - Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging. We were near the beginning of our journey of building a broader understanding of the concepts and my wish was that Abam would speak from the heart, from personal experiences and also understand the corporate world that the audience she spoke to inhabited. I knew Abam from a previous job where we had been colleagues but not worked very closely so whilst I knew about her professional expertise I didn't know Abam, the speaker. In short she was outstanding. A captivating storyteller, relevant and contextual. Her eloquence drew us in and her authenticity made her accessible to us all. Understanding our work con-text was also incredibly helpful when she answered questions from the audience and her willing-ness to cover sensitive topics with compassionate challenge came across as intelligent, smart, kind but spoken to. Thank you Abam.
GW Pharmaceuticals

Abam's powerful storytelling and reflections literally left all leadership team members speechless at the end of her talk. A truly great discussion on inclusion and diversity...
General Manager
GSK Canada

I first heard Abam speak about diversity and inclusion at The Boardroom Africa's Open Doors boardroom training, which was organized by the Institute of Directors [...] The TED-style talk she delivered was contextual and provided valuable insights into how diversity and inclusion strengthens decision making and improves organizational outcomes. A leader in her own right, she amplifies the voices of others and advocates for those who do not feel empowered to speak their truth. Abam is one to watch and follow. Brava!
Managing Director
Africa at Convergence Blended Finance

I heard Abam speak at the LESA USA 20th Anniversary Gala in Washington, DC. She is an amazing speaker and delivers her message with clarity and poise. She tackles trending societal issues tactfully, especially those relating to women, while providing innovative solutions. Abam is eloquent, skilled at captivating her audience, and has so much personality. I look forward to hearing her speak again!
Vice President & Assistant General Counsel
JP Morgan Chase

I was fortunate to hear Abam speak during an African Leadership Network Women's event. Unbeknownst to the ladies gathered that day, this petite lady, perched on a pair of stilletoes, was about to take us on an emotional rollercoaster ride, her being in the front seat... Abam opened up to us and that cracked us all wide open. Within a very short hour, she connected a room full of strangers. She had gotten us to collectively tell a story. She had ignited us. Hearing her speak made me want to be more open, more vulnerable, more honest. I believe that is the starting point for women to do great things together, shaming the narrative of women's so-called natural rivalry. She truly confirmed to me we have tremendous power as a collective.
CEO & Creative Director
Afropian PLC

Abam is a brilliant speaker! With just a few points, she delivers the most impactful speech. I thoroughly enjoyed the speeches she recently gave at the African Leadership Network gathering in Accra, Ghana about daring and risk-taking. Wow! I've continued to ponder what she shared those few days. She has the looks, the presence and the delivery. Abam - you are a master in presentation skills. Keep on keeping on!
HR Regional Manager

Ms. Mambo-Doh delivered a resounding talk on the disempowering nature of fear at a recent Emerald Jubilee celebration. Not only did she speak from her heart, she took the pulse of the room and ensured her message connected with the entire audience. She was genuine, articulate and extremely effective. Her personal and professional experiences made her very relatable, and she even snuck in humour while delivering a serious message. Abam is an amazing speaker!
Business Partner
Syneos Health