Steve Sammartino

Steve Sammartino

Steve Sammartino is an expert on the digital revolution and disruptive technologies. His latest book "The Great Fragmentation" was launched at the end of July 2014 but by the end of August 2014 was already translated into three different languages. The book is a 'strategy play book for the technology revolution'. Steve was also on the front page of almost every leading newspaper around the world after building a Lego Car from 500,000 pieces. It runs on air!

Key Points

  • Steve is the author of The Great Fragmentation, a book which discusses the impact technology is having on organisations around the world.
  • Steve Sammartino is a marketing and technology expert. A modern day renaissance man who has worked in marketing for the world’s largest companies, founded and sold his own start-ups, is a business journalist, and thought leader in the start-up & technology arena.
  • He's a highly energetic and motivated entrepreneur who knows how to mix business with technology. He understand big and micro business because he's done it all. He'll make sense of new the emerging technology and show you how to use it in your business. He presents in such a fun and unusual manner you won’t even realise how much you’re learning. 
  • Steve Sammartino has the breadth of skills needed to show you how to thrive in our rapidly changing business environment.
  • He has even put a spaceship into orbit around the world.
  • Director of Australia’s first new car company in 30 years. 
  • Marketing lecturer at Melbourne University.
  • His blog has over 30,000 readers per month.


Steve Sammartino is a business person (Marketing) and thought leader on the subject of technology and business.

Steve is a rare kind who has worked in the largest of companies, including the world’s biggest advertising agency and the world’s biggest Consumer Goods Company (both at Director level) as well as startups he’s founded and sold.

He’s also done a lot of crazy projects including putting a lego space shuttle into actual earth orbit.

Steve is a Director at Australia's first new car company in over thirty years (

His book The Great Fragmentation: And Why the Future of All Business is Small (Wiley,2014), discusses the digital revolution and what it means for business.

Steve is involved in the venture capital industry and invests in business & new technology.

His blog has been in Australia's top 10 the past 5 years.

Presentation Topics
  • The 200 Year Shift - Are You Future Proof?
    An eye-opening journey through the industrial to the technological age. It is a multi-generational shift which will displace dominant players and give rise to new commercial heroes. Steve illustrates how all of the major factors of production are being disrupted forever. Everything is up for grabs, including your job, your industry and the customers you are chasing. Are you brave enough?
    Key Lessons:
    • How technology is accelerating the pace of business change
    • Why technology influences pop culture more than mainstream media did
    • How technology is so cheap it is now at a 'disposable' level and why it matters
    • How business landscape is being rebuilt with new tools that anyone can access
    • Why access is greater than ownership and why legacy infrastructure is a major disadvantage
    • The reason startups have a financial advantage
    • How this is changing the way we work, live and earn money
    • A motivating insight into why this revolution is kinder than the industrial era and why everyone can partake, regardless of tech knowledge
    • Knowing how all this can rapidly transform your business to take advantage

  • Marketing Is Dead... Or Is It?: Rules Of Marketing In This Technology Age
    An inspiring talk which demonstrates how traditional marketing methods have been turned upside down and changed forever. Steve illustrates how technology has impacted the marketing mix and why the new dominant players in every industry were actually born after the internet. Steve demonstrates how you can adopt this new thinking paradigm to beat your competition.
    Key Lessons:
    • How and why using technology & data is now a core skill for marketers
    • Why technology influences pop culture more than mainstream media did
    • How marketing has become a two way relationship between producers and consumers - the producer era
    • How the 4 Ps marketing mix has changed and what we need to re-think
    • Why counter intuition, creativity, collaboration and connection are more important than, power and size
    • How technology and startups from Silicon Valley have changed what consumers expect and how to use those lessons
    • Why we need to launch unfinished products into the market, and share the revenue prize with our end users
    • Why speed to market matters and what innovation should look like in a rapidly changing business environment
    • Why there has never been a better time to be marketing focused and how a marketing minded organisation can flourish in the digital age

  • Welcome To Startup Land - What Big Companies Must Learn From Startups
    50% of Fortune 500 companies dropped out of the list in the last 10 years. All have been replaced by startups. Steve uncovers the key strategies startups use to cost-effectively grow their business and disrupt major global players using simple technology hacks. You will be left with no doubt that, during a revolution, every business must act like a startup again.
    Key Lessons:
    • True forces behind industries being disrupted - what Silicon Valley and tech giants have taught us
    • Pace of change and why we are all in the technology business now, regardless of what we sell
    • What we don't know, who our competitors will be tomorrow and how to participate in what's next
    • The power of 'system hacking' (the good kind of hacking) and how it can be utilised in any industry
    • Why some business models are not obvious with new technology and how to pay it forward and fill the void
    • Why direct connecting with customers is more valuable than a channel mentality
    • How an Open Source ethic can be taken from software and applied to any industry or business type
    • The emerging delayed revenue model and its impact on finances
    • Why we are moving to a horizontal business structure away from traditional verticals and overlap
    • How to innovate, fail fast and quickly beat your competition
    • Why we must focus on frequency of innovation instead of the industrial era of big bang launches
    • All delivered in an easy to understand 'non tech talk way' which leaves people inspired and motivated to do cool things

  • We're All In The Technology Business Now
    We are living through a revolution as we move from the Industrial Age to the Technology Age. So much so that almost half of the Fortune 500 fell off the list and got replaced with tech companies in the past 10 years. A pace of change not seen before. Important business infrastructure can be accessed by anyone now, and not just powerful corporations and government. Anyone can access a factory, advertise to a global audience, sell internationally and have access to worlds best pricing in cheap labour markets. Business and consumer life is being redefined. The advantage of being big is eroding. Ironically, the key to survival is forcing disruptive change upon your own business. Whether you're a start-up, SME or big business, you must embrace this reality, because it is coming anyway, regardless of what worked yesterday. Technology is no longer the stuff the IT geek bought with big budgets, it now requires seamless integration into the entire organisation. And no, it is not a division. Companies that still have a digital strategy simply don't get it - that's a bit like having an electricity strategy - we are well beyond that now and it is everyone's job to understand it. There is no 'digital'. Whether you sell potato chips or micro chips, we are all in the technology business now.

Steve is very personable, engaging and energetic.  He delivers really interesting, though provoking content in an entertaining way.  The reaction of our audience was very positive.
Marie Maky

Steve was perfect for our function. He related well to them and was able to motivate and inspire. The information he presented was spot on and very interesting. Steve addressed a crowd of 1500 staff, graduates, friends and family as our 2015 Graduation Ceremony keynote speaker. His enthusiasm is infectious and his speech encouraged everyone to think of themselves as an entrepreneur, and make the most of the opportunities life presents. I saw that a number of our VIPs (senior staff and board members) approached Steve after the ceremony to further discuss his ideas; a sure sign of an inspiring speech and an approachable speaker!
Natalie Robinson
Melbourne Polytechnic

I've known Steve for a number of years and 1st saw him present at Ignite Melbourne in 2010. Over my career I've been in the audience of a large number of speakers, in my opinion Steve is one of the best, frankly he makes it look to easy - throwing a net over a fascinating, range of interconnected tech, startup, future, pop culture and psychology topics with a deep knowledge, visible passion and energy. I've invited him to speak at two organisations I've worked at, a world-famous travel guide company and one of Australia's largest banks, hugely disparate audiences, yet on both occasions Steve delighted, entertained, engaged and educated. His talk at the bank was seen by over 250 people and was regarded by all I spoke to as the best talk they'd seen during the year, a very significant achievement given we had many world-class speakers in the last 12 months - Steve topped them all. And that's not all - he goes above and beyond to be approachable and interested in our people, a rare trait. What I love most about Steve is his boundless energy and amazing positivity - it is palpable and highly infectious. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Ed Cortis
Head of IT

Steve was the ideal speaker for Small Business BIG Marketing. It was the first time I have worked with Steve and he was bang on message! He delivered exactly what we asked of him but what impressed me the most was his delivery. His energy held the audience's attention for the duration of the event. His enthusiasm was amazing and information he imparted was invaluable for the attendees. Steve was willing to share marketing tips and tactics relevant to start ups but also had the big business insight. Steve was a delight to work with and provided very popular with guests who he was happy to chat to during break periods. I will absolutely use Steve again as a keynote speaker.
Shannon Stacy
Event Management
he Launch Box

Steve Sammartino is simply the best presenter I have worked with. His ability to connect, engage and excite is second to none. In my time working with Steve I witnessed time and again his ability to 'wake-up' an audience and inspire them to want to achieve new levels. His energy is palpable, his delivery always superb and his content world class and always unique. If you ever get the chance to hear Steve speak, or in fact have Steve speak at your event, then you can be sure the audience will be far better off as a result.
Luke Waldren
Grey Group Australia

I was lucky enough earlier this year to see Steve present the final keynote presentation for our ad:tech Melbourne conference. I am sure I can speak for most in the room that day by saying that Steve’s enthusiasm, personality and idea’s around “Why Selfish Marketers Fail” was one of the best finishes to a conferences I have seen and it is testament to Steve’s presenting style that he was able to promote such interactions and ideas from an audience at the end of a 2-day conference. As a conference organizer Steve’s presentations are exactly the type of experience we (and of course our audience) is looking for. In keeping with his theme for this particular presentation Steve’s content was anything but “selfish” as he was able to put forward relevant examples, interact and entertain the audience and even share personal experiences which all added to the unique and passionate experience of his presentation. It goes without saying that Steve will continue to be involved in presenting at many of our events as we move into the future.
Christopher Pitt
Sales Director
DMG Events Australia

Excellent, 10 out 10 for me
Julie Egonidis
The Faculty

Steve was wonderful - not only an excellent speaker who knows his stuff, he was also wonderful enough to spend the whole day with us. I can't tell you how much we appreciated this dedication.
Helen Black
The Change Team 

Very engaging and truly energised the room. 
Barbara Simon 
IDG Communications

Very relevant to our conference theme and focus. Steve provided an exciting and highly energetic speech.
Angela Meredith 
APCO Service Stations

Received a great response from the audience and delivered important information with humour
Lisa Bowman
NAB Core Banking CoE

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