Sydney 30th, March 2017 - LIMITED SEATS


  • Learn how to create highly effective presentations that captivate an audience
  • Master the strategies and tips for being brilliant at speaking
  • Discover how to select your topic, tell powerful stories, and master your delivery
  • Learn how to influence whenever you speak - speeches, sales presentations, media comments, job interviews, Q&A sessions, panels, and more.

That is the best professional development course I have ever done – ever. And if you’re at all interested in doing a professional development course along the lines that’s outlined in the program I would highly recommend it. Well I learnt a lot. I’ve been to a number of courses over the years but the tips I received on the opening statement to me were gold. It just meant that in such a short period of time, if you were delivering a speech, that you can get to the heart of the issue and hopefully pack a punch. It’s been absolutely full-on and being put on the spot and being criticised in a very positive environment (like it’s not threatening), but if you want to learn about your mode of delivery then this is a very good forum in which to do that.

Matthew Eggins, Media and Speech Writing Unit for the Australian Government of Employment and Broadcaster for ABC News Radio

After speaking for a number of years for organisations like Beyond Blue and Are You OK, I thought I had my head around the intricacies of public speaking, but wow, was I wrong. After having a great day of Bernadette and Angela, I learnt so many extra little tips and ideas about how I could do a lot better. Many thanks for the enjoyable, stimulating day and helping me to polish my speaking expertise.

Tony McManus, Director, McManus Consulting Services

I work for the Government, for the Department of Communications and the Arts in their International Engagement and Strategy team as an Assistant Director. I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone looking for ideas about how they can improve their presenting, their speaking skills. Great ideas about structure. Great ideas about body language and how to communicate through it. Great ideas about how to improve the quality and projection of your voice. Highly recommended. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Joseph McCaroll, Assistant Director/International Engagement and Strategy, Department of Communications and the Arts