Mal Bryce

Mal Bryce

In the last 25 years Mal has worked as a cabinet minister, company director, corporate manager, and senior consultant.

Key Points

  • Mal Bryce is a prominent businessman, senior consultant and minister
  • Bryce was the Deputy Premier of West Australia from 1983 until 1988
  • Bryce was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1989 for services to the Western Australia Parliament
  • After his retirement from politics, Bryce became a pioneer in the application of the internet to business, government and communities
  • Bank West and Deloitte are a couple of the major corporations Bryce has held senior positions with


In the last 25 years Mal has worked as a cabinet minister, company director, corporate manager, and senior consultant.

During the 1980’s he established;

·         Australia’s most successful Technology Park, at Bentley in Western Australia.
·         The Western Australian Small Business Development Corporation,
·         The Western Australian SciTech Discovery Centre,
·         Australia’s first Government Department of Computing and Information Technology
·         The Institute for Science and Technology Policy at Murdoch University.

Throughout the 1990s Mal was a leading Australian pioneer in the application of the Internet to business, government agencies and communities. He was the principal architect for Australia’s first online community in Ipswich and he led the team that implemented Australia’s first community driven eCommerce Project in the Peel Region.

He is a former,

·         Director of Bank West.
·         Chairman and senior consultant to Dow Digital.
·         Executive Chairman of the Australian Centre for International Competitiveness in Sydney.
·         Chairman /director of six science based companies based in Australia and the USA
·         Member of the Prime Minister’s Science Council
·         Management Consultant with Deloitte Ross Tohmatsu
·         Deputy Premier of Western Australia.

He left the corporate fast lane and with a business partner established the Celebrating Lives Project, from which “ Celebrating Lives .com” is a spin off.

Mal is also a visiting Fellow at Curtin University.


¨       Managing Innovation
¨       The Business Environment Beyond 2000
¨       Implications of the Internet for Companies and Communities
¨       Surviving The Internet Revolution as a Senior Manager.
¨       The Global Knowledge Economy
¨       Australian Communities Online
¨       Building The Online Communities
¨       The Online Economy: Questions that Company Directors must ask.
¨       The Emergence of ECommerce

Presentation Topics
  • Business development 
  • Ecommerce
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