Amber Sherlock

Amber Sherlock

Currently a news and weather presenter for the Nine Network, Amber Sherlock works alongside the likes of Peter Overton and Ken Sutcliffe.

Key Points

Amber Sherlock is a news and weather presenter for the Nine Network. She currently presents the weather on Nine News Sydney- alongside Peter Overton and Ken Sutcliffe. Amber regularly reads Nine Morning News and Nine Afternoon News, as well as Nine News updates.


Amber Sherlock is a news and weather presenter for the Nine Network. She currently presents the weather on Nine News Sydney - alongside Peter Overton and Ken Sutcliffe. Amber regularly reads Nine Morning News and Nine Afternoon News, as well as Nine News updates.

Prior to her current role, Amber was the news presenter on Weekend TODAY – alongside hosts Leila McKinnon and Cameron Williams, and Monday news presenter on TODAY.

She also presented the morning edition of the Qantas Inflight News, broadcast on the Nine Network as Nine Early Morning News. Amber joined the Nine Network in 2007 as a business presenter for Today, Nine Morning News Hour and Nine Afternoon News. Before joining the Nine Network, Amber worked as a news and business presenter for Sky News Australia.
She also hosted a news and current affairs programme, State Focus, for Southern Cross Ten In Canberra.

Amber has also worked as a finance journalist for ABN AMRO Mellon in London and Commsec in Sydney, and as a reporter for the Seven Network and Network Ten in Sydney.

She completed a Bachelor of Arts (Communications) from the University of Technology, Sydney. Amber recently had her first child, baby girl, Piper.

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